HCG Update after R2- could use your opinion

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25 thoughts on “HCG Update after R2- could use your opinion

  1. Okay, I think you need to stay on P3 longer and do some correction days and
    try to maintain from there. Of course what ever you decide, we’ll all be
    here to support you! Hang in there girl! Hugs to you!

  2. Honey…I have to say…I agree with what everyone else has said. I know
    you realize how important P3 is…try to stay there and stabilize well.
    This is just my opinion but…I just don’t think it’s wise to start a new
    round without doing that first. Doing a correction to get down a little
    should get you back on track…then restart your P3…no sugars or
    starches…and go from there. Ultimately…you need to follow your heart.
    Praying you are able to make the decision that is best for you.

  3. this 2nd round is a nightmare for me too- I lost 63 pounds round 1 and this
    time Im on day 19 and only down 8 pounds- I cant do anything but sit here
    because I have no energy- round 2 is hard on everyone- I cant get into it
    mentally right now either- its hard when there are no results-

  4. So hard to stick to things when the losses are slow or none! You have done
    just fine girl. Normal to be going through the emotions and being depressed
    stinks! Such a ugh feeling! Thanks for being so open and honest…maybe you
    needed this period of revealing where you were to yourself again…VALUE
    IT…you had such success in maintaining prior. If you can wrap your brain
    around yourself..do P2 and fight it…to the weight you want and stick to
    things so you can be proud as u should! XOXO

  5. U VLOGGED!!! Yay! Glad to see you are back! I wrote you a note on your
    profile recently and did not hear back from ya. I figured you might not get
    those notices? Is your thyroid symptoms better or worse? U can get back
    down to LDW. I know you can. U r such a determined person! Dont beat
    yourself up over the small gain right now. Try to focus on your ultimate
    goal. Ur health is much worth much more than a number on the scale. HUGS &
    LUV! muwaah! ♥

  6. try not to be so hard on yourself.. do a few correction days and get
    yourself back to your LDW and then see how you feel, and if you want to do
    another short round or if you want to continue to p3.. steak day, egg day,
    nut day, fage day and Fat Fast day.. you are only a few pounds above, you
    got this girl! hugs!

  7. i wouldnt. it totally screwed me up, but you know your body best. maybe you
    should just eat p3 foods right now

  8. @chelepiatt how did it screw you up? I’d love to hear you stories. I think
    i will end up waiting like a good girl.

  9. @barbarad388 Yes it’s real p3 time! I think you are all right. I think I’m
    ready to be happy with the freedoms within p3 and not need more than that.
    I’ll probably do my 3rd round in 5 weeks.

  10. @MsTeribear thanks for the support and love! I’m feeling more optimistic
    and will just wait for that 3rd round in about 5 weeks. That’s really not
    that far away- I just had to adjust my mind to not being where I want to
    be. I don’t think I can get the 7 pounds off from ldw right now but I will
    in 5 weeks!

  11. @fourwinds2011 Yes I think you’re right. I’m going to wait as everyone
    suggested. 5 weeks isn’t that long to wait. It’s funny how sometimes we’re
    feeling it and sometimes we’re not! Our bodies sure do go through different
    phases and capabilities.

  12. @Givingitmyall2011 Thanks for your encouragement! Yes I just mentally felt
    so down much of the round and it was really hard to deal with. I do think
    this slip up has helped me value being smaller after all. I think I was
    worried that I was being vain because everyone around me was saying I was
    already super skinny and I didn’t want to be even thinner just to be skinny
    but to be healthy- so I had to figure out again why I was doing this.

  13. @carissahcg Oh my goodness what a great first round. I’m sorry this second
    round is so slow. Seems like round 2 is a curse for everyone. I hope you
    figure out what’s best to do for yourself.

  14. @Lvoden Yes exactly what you said- I lost track of my goal- I was getting a
    few comments that i was reallly skinny and why did I want to lose more
    weight? and some of my close friends are larger than me now so I was
    feeling bad and not wanting them to feel fat around me, etc. so it was like
    I almost started feeling guilty for getting any smaller and that messed me
    up. Now I feel like no, I do deserve to lose more and feel comfortable in
    my body.

  15. @HHcgCraZy Yes I’m going to restart p3 I think. I’m feeling more in control
    again and think I’m ready to do things right.

  16. @littlerMEwithHCG I know- how could i not listen to my own mantra??? P3 is
    the most important part of hcg. I think I’m ready to enjoy p3 this time. I
    think I was trying to get myself to be too strict right off hcg with trying
    paleo and it was just too many rules for me to handle right now. I think I
    will wait to do the 3rd round till I’m supposed to start (in 5 weeks.)

  17. @justgranny45 I think I do need a break like you said. I will wait and
    start my third round as originally planned with the 8 week break.

  18. @HCGfashionista You’re so right that new ideas can backfire- and I’m always
    getting new things going on in my brain. I think I will wait it out and
    just eat p3 like I’m supposed to.

  19. @HCGChica Aw thanks girlie. I’ve been behind in vlogs for the past several
    months, and I finally got around to watching all of yours. I watched them
    for two days straight. LOL. Like I said, we have a lot in common with the
    thyroid issues! ((HUGS)) 😉

  20. Hi! I was JUST thinking today how lazy and boring I feel, LOL, and then it
    dawned on me that- uh, yeah! You live on 500 calories a day, silly! Watcha
    expect. So I relate to what you are saying about questioning yourself here.
    Maybe you just came so far so fast that the mentality is lagging behind,
    but I have faith in you. Again I relate- whenever we think “oh, I got his
    weight loss thing, I can relax” is when we gain it back. Now you know. P2
    again? Well, if you want- call it a cycling. XOXO

  21. I’m the queen of P3 failure, so I know what you are going through. The
    mental part of this diet is so important to the success. Listen to your
    body. I think you can probably get back on track with P3 and stabilize
    before your next round and be more mentally prepared for P2 when it’s time.
    Good Luck!

  22. Maybe it is time to take a looooong break… move into p3 and then p4…
    truly there was no heart/discipline and achievement recognition of where
    you had come… So take the time get your mind right…. Make the
    adjustments… forgive yourself and move on….. then at a later date….
    go another round….. You can do it….

  23. I’ve totally been in that “place” before too! I preach how important P3 is
    but I’ve made so many blunders this p3 it’s crazy! I wish I could have a
    very logical view of food and just decide what I’m going to do and do it…
    But there’s so much emotion tied up in food and meals and eating that it
    gets all muddled! I hope your fresh start round goes great if you decide to
    do it! HhcgCrazy, HcgSkinnyb and I are starting on the 20th… maybe you
    could do a round with us! That’d be super fun!

  24. I am SO glad I stumbled across this vlog because I am just ending P3 and I
    had a rough start also. It feels as though once I started on the wrong
    path, I couldn’t stop. So I went 6 weeks eating out of control. I would
    throw in a couple of steak days once I would go over LDW by 5 pounds. My
    six weeks is over and I started loading today but I sure did learn from
    that experience. And like you said in this vlog- I have to appreciate the
    releases of P2. What did you end up doing?

  25. @MyJourneyonHCG But I soooo appreciate my weight loss this time and I’m
    hoping to eventually get to 115. shooting for 120is this round.

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