HCG Update 11/6/09 R1P3 Day 9

Started 9/16/09 weight 246.5#. Lost 26# on Phase 2 of HCG injections. I had to stop taking injections twice during first round due to an event and for an ill…

3 thoughts on “HCG Update 11/6/09 R1P3 Day 9

  1. I am so sorry!! I watched it again later and I talked about food the whole
    time!! I was really hungry!!! Stay strong on your phase 2!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it. I started P3 on 10-31. I am 1.6 lbs
    over LDW, but I have been exercising and doing weight training. You are
    doing great! Keep up the good work.

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