HCG Thyroid and Hashimotos- books to read

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25 thoughts on “HCG Thyroid and Hashimotos- books to read

  1. So glad you’re maintaining – awesome! Hope I can do that my next P3. So
    sorry about your thyroid probs.

  2. I so understand all you are talking about on thyroid issues…. I was
    diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2006 and have been on levothyroxine all
    that time. I was hoping to be able to get off of my thyroid meds if I lost
    a bunch of my excess weight but was tested recently after my last round and
    total of 40 lbs off and ended up having to take more (actually double the
    original dose) of my thyroid meds to get mine to the right levels. Really
    discouraging but just have to accept it.

  3. Interesting. My thyroid test came back normal, but that doesn’t mean as
    much as I thought. I would think you would need to be extremely careful
    doing hCG with and adrenal disorder, but I know what you mean about being
    ready to get smaller. Arent’ we all 🙂

  4. my bff (now deceased) had hashimotos. She was a real interesting person.
    UP/DOWN would definitely describe her. So sorry you have this! I am praying
    for a healing for you. Were you the one who shared about iodine testing? I
    cant remember who did and I bought the iodine! lol I totally agree with
    proper testing. Been through that with my lyme daughter. Great info! 🙂 ♥

  5. Great to see you again in yor “doo rag”!! Great job stabilizing!! I’m P3D17
    and 3.4 below LDW. This really works when we really follow the protocol!!
    Slow downn a little and take your time getting back to P2. I think you look
    wonderful and would love to look like you!! You are such a beautiful , nice
    young woman! I have 1 very large tumor and many little ones on my thyroid.
    No cancer, but if the large one grows any more, I will have to have my
    thyroid removed. See you soon!!!

  6. I have PCOS and started this diet to help that- seems like my symptoms have
    gone away but I know that once your hormones have gone wacky it triggers
    all of these other things. I am glad to see you attacking your thyroid
    stuff and trying to help yourself and educate yourself. You are doing
    awesome with your stabalization.

  7. love the anchor dew rag. Where’d ya get it? I have a gold anchor on my
    necklace just like the image on your fabric. Tell me about tiredness..
    sheesh I finally got some real sleep. Great outlook on your life.. good for

  8. I so get the ups and downs… not thyroid but I def have periods with my MS
    that I am extremely exhausted! Prayers to you for all you deal with! Great
    information! Thanks for sharing! XOXO

  9. @Givingitmyall2011 I think those ups and downs probably are a part of many
    chronic illnesses- it’s good to be able to share what’s going on here on

  10. @slimsteve503 Yeah 7 weeks- can’t believe it either! I haven’t ever done
    b12 shots but am interested- I do take b complex when i feel tired to help.

  11. @DeeHcgPrincess All I have to say is that my thyroid tests came back
    “normal” for 4 years before my condition finally got bad enough to show up
    on the tests as being really bad- but I am 100% positive that what i was
    dealing with when the tests finally showed the thyroid problem, and what I
    was dealing with when they didn’t, is exactly the same condition- if I’d
    caught it earlier I may have been able heal myself faster/and also not be
    on as much thyroid medicine.

  12. @DeeHcgPrincess Also I never thought it was my thyroid either and had
    concluded that I had cfs due to having epstein barr (which I did have)- I
    didn’t seem to have many of the “signs” of low thyroid- I was totally
    shocked when that’s what it ended up being- so you just never know. Hope
    you find some answers too! Those books and sites are great places to start.

  13. @Debaloo2 Thank you- I have learned so much about my body and myself by
    learning to be at a stable weight- it has actually been good for me to
    weigh every day and see how the amount I’m eating is ok for me and then
    when I feel all bloated, not to worry, because I’m still about the same
    weight- in the past I would have freaked out and assumed I’d gained weight
    and then eat more because I felt bad! lol. Yes- I’m still learning but I’m
    so much farther re my condition than a few years ago.

  14. @wisconsindieter Love those doo rags! I always wear them hiking too. Oh
    man- sorry to hear about the tumors on the thyroid- scary. Glad your p3 is
    going so well! That’s awesome. Yes as much as it would be nice to lose
    more, I have to look at the bigger picture and make sure I’m sucessful long
    term. Thanks for commenting!

  15. @JessiHcg Welcome! I hope it can help others out there who don’t know
    what’s wrong with them.

  16. @MsHcGGirl Yeah it’s definitely interesting to live with- before I knew
    what was wrong with me I had started thinking I was bipolar! I’m just glad
    this past year to finally know WHAT it was- it’s hard to be/feel so ill and
    not know what’s wrong and wondering if you’re just a lot lazier than other
    people or something. Wow your daughter has lyme? Have you seen Under Our
    Skin? It’s a documentary on lyme- my good friend has it as well. That’s a
    very complicated disease.

  17. @Yoliechula Yeah- my thyroid tests came back “normal” for a few years while
    I was feeling just as bad as when the tests finally showed the condition- I
    just hate for people to have to wait as I did for it to get so bad before
    the condition is discovered. Yes- I can tell I need a break and to rest up
    a bit before another round for sure- just like you- I think we’re both
    trying to be smart about our bodies and use our heads not just hearts.

  18. @twilafern I wonder how you’d do if you added some t3 to your t4? a lot of
    doctors are doing that now. Yeah I should have increased my thyroid meds
    while on p2 but didn’t realize why I was so tired till the end of the
    round- our bodies are funny that way and do different things than other
    people’s bodies sometimes. I’m okay with taking the medication the rest of
    my life as long as I can feel good and be a normal person!

  19. @jenjenhcg thank you! I hope to keep coming on here with the same report
    that I’m maintaining so I can give hope to everyone else on hcg that
    maintenance is not bad at all!

  20. 7 weeks, you are doing amazing!! You are a smart cookie, doing what is best
    for your body at this time. When you are ready, we will be here to root you
    on to smallness; not that you are not already there 😉 Hugs

  21. @HCGChica Yes, I have seen it and actually own the movie. They had a
    showing here in our town at one theatre one night & the theatre was FULL of
    people! More than half the people stood up afterwards claiming they were
    affected or their immediate family member affected with lyme. I vlogged
    about this I believe. God bless your friend who has it.

  22. @brokengirl01 Wow that’s great for you! It’s funny how hashi’s works- I
    ended up having to increase my meds on the protocol as I felt very tired on
    p2. I felt fantastic all of p3 though. I am actually on synthetic t3 called
    Cytomel, which is Active thyroid hormone. You are on t4 which is a storage
    form of thyroid hormone- before your body can use it to make you feel good,
    your body has to convert it to t3- many people don’t convert well and hence
    don’t feel much better on t4 meds.

  23. @justgranny45 Thank you! Although just the past couple days I’ve been
    eating more carbs- yikes! So easy to fall off the wagon. I really am trying
    to follow my logic and mind and not my heart when it comes to when I should
    do the next round.

  24. Honey…so glad to hear that you are maintaining so well. It’s great that
    you know your body so well and that you know you need to wait to do another
    round. I also love all the info you gave in this blog. I would love to see
    a more in depth vlog on thyroid if you do one. Take care of yourself
    sweetie!! Love You!! Laurie

  25. Hey there, sister… So glad you’re still maintaining so well! Sorry to
    hear that you’re not feeling that great right now, though. Hopefully it
    will all even out soon and you can feel confident starting you’re next
    round. Take care and keep us posted…(((HUGS)))

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