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10 thoughts on “HCG TAG MARCH 2012

  1. Me and the hubby willl be on atlanta next thursday we plan on moving there
    in a few years. Well not the actual atlanta city but a suburb. Buffalo
    wings sound good!!! Nice to get to know more about you and thanks for doing
    the tag 🙂

  2. Holy crap! What are you coming to ATL for, and how long will you be
    here!?!?! We should meet up for some P3 food, lol!!!

  3. We will be there next Thursday and we are staying for 4 days and we can
    definitely meet up. 🙂

  4. I am finding all sorts of “new” people out there from these TAG vids! I
    enjoyed getting to know ya!

  5. I’m actually going out of town thursday night till sunday, what are the
    hours that you will be here?

  6. 😉 good to watch yours too, can you send me the info for the company you
    order spices from? Also, you may want to read WLA because it is SO much
    more science than just the hunger scale! It would just help you be an even
    better proponent of the protocol, that of which you are already totally
    awesome at!

  7. We will be there thursday night and leaving monday morning. Also yes to
    your inbox just let me know when exactly so we can start saving and
    planning. did you inbox anyone else?

  8. Sweet! Dinner sunday night? I did inbox just a few others, but it appears
    that you are the only one who got it!!! Can you copy it and send it back to
    me, lol? When do you think is a good time? Should it be a holiday weekend
    like Labor Day or just a random weekend?

  9. I tried to message you back but it said you couldnt receive messages so you
    might want to check your settings people are probably trying to message you
    back and just cant.

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