HCG Round 2 Phase2 VLCD 19 (Week 3 update)

Dr. Simeons’ protocol is called Pounds and Inches for a reason. I held 188.6 today but those inches melted aways. Keep track of your inches lost each week so…

10 thoughts on “HCG Round 2 Phase2 VLCD 19 (Week 3 update)

  1. Well Hello! Love Mr. Happy and Pink is your color!! You look radiant! Inch
    day great!! They are good too! 10 inches!!! Happy happy happy!!! haha…
    You need to get up and get it to Brick House girl! Love it! XOXO….
    Looking great!! Goose hit me today : ) Donna

  2. HOLY COMMOLY! 10 inches! ONLY hcg can do that! wooohoo! Hcg is ALL THAT &
    MORE! U go gurl! U r rockin this protocol! I can tell your face is getting
    thinner. WOW!

  3. @Givingitmyall2011 I will save the dance for the 160’s…. Thank you… so
    much for the compliment.. Yeah, that dang goose been busy lately but not
    the inch goose… Have a great well… Oh, I was in your area at the end of

  4. @fourwinds2011 Thank you … yes, I was so excited for the 10 inches…
    glad I track those bcuz the weight didn’t make Mr. Happy smile… but those
    inches did… Happy maintaining to ya..

  5. well alriggghty on the 10 inches…that’s alot to lose in a week…that’s
    wassup…i luv to see happy faces….great job girlie…

  6. @stepharoo85 Thanks.. even with the flutation in the weight… those inches
    have been moving..

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