hcg recipes phase 2

The hcg gourmet cookbook: Download it here: http://www.woogate.com/hcg.

5 thoughts on “hcg recipes phase 2

  1. I’m positive that you can’t eat ANY of the food in your video while on the
    hCG diet, that is, unless you’re talking about the carb-loading phase!
    While on phase 2 (the weight loss phase) you can’t have any carbs or fat,
    and definitely no more than 500 calories a day. Each one of those meals had
    carbs in them (some LOTS of carbs) and looked WAY too large of a portion
    allowed for a meal. Don’t believe the boloney people! You can eat well
    while on the hcg diet, but you also have to eat right!

  2. Exactly. Phase 2 is all about the VLCD — there are tons, tons, and TONS of
    recipes though. If you add the Liquid HCG diet fan page, that is the best
    resource you can go too. I don’t even know who made this youtube, but it’s
    NOT OKAY! I’m on Round 1 Phase 2 Day 2 as of today, since it’s 2:13 — and
    i’m super stoked. It’s been hard for day one, since i’m super hungry, but
    it’ll get better, and it’s so worth it!!

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