HCG Recipe – MCT Mayo and Ranch Dressing – YUM!

http://www.loseit4ever.com – Make a Mayonnaise and a Ranch dressing using MCT Oil. Courtesy of the infamous Delmen. A wonderfully healthy mayo and ranch dres…

25 thoughts on “HCG Recipe – MCT Mayo and Ranch Dressing – YUM!

  1. I know, I know you’re talking about not using Xamtham Gum! So, do I get a
    gold star? heehee. Okay got it. ha! just noticed you put “infamous” Delmem.
    He is a great guy. Okay. got it now. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Definitely going to make! Hugs to ya lady. So nice seeing you vlog. 🙂

  2. Thanks pretty lady! Great sharing! Always love something new to add in to
    our healthy lifestyles! XOXO

  3. So excited to see a new vlog of yours… you are so funny and always have
    such great tips!!! xo

  4. Ah thanks!!! I’m really trying to be more consistent again on you tube. 🙂

  5. Medium Chain Triglycerides I found this on Goggle – Mct oil offers
    fat-burning energy and burns three times more than other fats. This
    fat-burning effect can last up to six hours after Mct oil is used.

  6. It was fine for me but I would always be sure to make it fresh before use.
    Don’t let it sit around since there aren’t any preservatives involved (
    that’s a good thing)

  7. Besides loving ALL your videos. I love your large salt and pepper mills!
    Can you tell me where you purchased them from?? Thank you and please don’t
    go away!!!

  8. I do ramble especially when the darn recipe wasn’t mixing they way I had
    hoped (wrong mixy thing being used). I’m just not “just the facts jack”
    kind of girl. 😉

  9. I found this difficult to listen to, go bored quickly ~ you talk way too
    much…lost interest for a simple recipe

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