hCG R5P2D39 -1.8, 117 lbs, 18.2% bodyfat more new subbies

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25 thoughts on “hCG R5P2D39 -1.8, 117 lbs, 18.2% bodyfat more new subbies

  1. Wow, your face is so tiny!!! You look fantastic and must feel so great to
    be so low in body fat!! I’m so proud of you!! What a great example you are!

  2. You look beautiful–love the sweatshirt–you look great in yellow. Congrats
    on the release–your doing so amazing—great body fat %. Your such an
    inspiration–I just love your personality–always so upbeat. So
    funny–brain fart–lol–I have alot of those~~~When you eat the noodles-how
    do you fix them and what do you eat them with? Thanks for all you do and

  3. I just got my hcg i will start my loading on saturday.You and HCGgirl
    inspire me to try to lose weight i hope i can lose 50 pounds. I have a
    question? I see people that stay on hcg more than the 6 weeks what do u
    think? Can I stay longer? i wannayo lose at least 30 pounds on my first
    round. whats ur opinion? Can I walk while on hcg ?

  4. Amazing round! Really stuck with it, so so proud of you! As I always say,
    you’re a lovely inspiration! 🙂

  5. Hiya! I think the way you want to look at this is see how you feel while
    you are on the diet. If you have low energy or towards the end of the 6
    weeks you are really dragging, it might be wise to stop and let your body
    recover. However, if your zippity-do-dahing along feeling snazzy, you could
    take it week by week and go a little longer. Just listen to your body. This
    round I ended up feeling zippity do dah so that’s why it turned into a 6
    week instead of 3 week round. But if I’d started…

  6. Yep it was that or another one where I look constipated lol. Yes it’s
    tempting to go a little longer since I”m feeling so good- we’ll see- day by
    day I”ll take it.

  7. Usually yes it’s about 6 weeks, and in general I stick with that. But I
    feel a few days give or take wouldn’t matter much as long as one is feeling
    good. I think the key is to listen to your body- if you’re dragging and
    tired, stop and let your body recover. If you’re super energetic and want
    to go a little longer, seems like in that case your body can handle it.
    Hope that helps!

  8. Thank you! It definitely one of the most rewarding- to finally get back to
    a weight that I felt the most like “me” at when I was happy in my late
    teens and early twenties.

  9. Woooo!!! you are doing SOOO amazing! I have to catch up on your videos but
    so happy for you. Are you still injecting? I’m thinking about doing that on
    my upcoming round which I have never done before.

  10. Yes I am- I love injections. I was so scared of them my first round, but
    honestly they really don’t hurt at all- it’s all in the mind! Thanks for

  11. Great job! That is an amazing loss 🙂 Also, I checked out your website the
    other day and it is so great! So much useful info!

  12. No you are totally normal- in fact most women lose an average of .5 per day
    on hCG- it’s just the nature in which the average comes out that is
    different depending on the person. I never lose daily- especially as you
    get smaller usually.

  13. Thank you! I agree though you have to be ready. That’s why my breaks are
    always several months because I so enjoy being off and hCG is not a kind
    master lol. I’m glad I’m almost done with this round. 🙂 Thanks for the
    compliments- I really appreciate them.

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