hCG R5P2D32 119.2! First Pull-up!

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25 thoughts on “hCG R5P2D32 119.2! First Pull-up!

  1. Thank you! It was such an unexpected shock when I first did it. I felt like
    a little kid I was so giddy.

  2. Lol thanks! I wish I could gloat to the crossfitters, but they aren’t in to
    hCG yet- the time will come the time will come…..

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  4. I care! LOL I am so jealous! haha …. not really, just totally inspired! I
    need to get my head into a place where I can commit to a real regular work
    out routine because I would love to have stats like yours!! Awesome on the
    pull ups!! I’ve never even tried one… now I want to 🙂

  5. The pull-up was amazing! And leave it to you to not disappoint… Thanks
    for adding a video!

  6. I definitely know that I wouldn’t work out regularly on my own- not
    motivating enough- that’s why I like crossfit so much- you’re in a class
    setting so it’s like you have to keep going and doing the workout because
    that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to be the only one to
    stop lol. sometimes peer pressure is a good thing!

  7. So you know what I’m talking about then! I still remember my 1 time pull up
    too. Funny how it’s so hard for us girls- guys can never work out at all
    and then just walk up to a pull up bar and do several like nothing. I bet
    you could do one again someday too!

  8. Wow awesome! Some of these competing crossfit people are so amazingly
    strong it’s just blows my mind.

  9. Awesome congrats ob the pull up thats great.I understand ur happyness on
    that.I cant do a pullup not even when I was 120 about 6yrs ago…so its
    exciting congrats again:)

    doing so amazing–so very happy for you!! Thanks for all the great videos
    you do–greatly appreciate it–always an inspiration—love your
    personality. Blessings

  11. An unassisted pull up is a GREAT accomplishment. My goal is to follow my
    mentor and be able to do at least 10 unassisted pull ups the real way. I
    totally understand the significance since I live in a house full of men and
    our pull up bar is posted in the kitchen door way and there’s always
    someone hanging from the bar and doing pull ups . Thanks for sharing…

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