HCG R3P2D2 -1.2, shout out, fav p2 teas, losing FAT!

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25 thoughts on “HCG R3P2D2 -1.2, shout out, fav p2 teas, losing FAT!

  1. Great start to your round! Your teas look yummy 🙂 I subbed your friend and
    am looking forward to watching her! I can only handle one caffeine source
    too as I get jittery and will be up all night! Where do you get your teas

  2. @mrspenny42 I think it affects my losses a lot- if I don’t sleep long
    enough I don’t seem to lose well or at all.

  3. @justgranny45 You too huh? I hate it because I love that chinese breakfast
    tea- wish I could drink it all day- that caffeine adds a taste that you
    can’t just get from herbal teas. I get my teas at a place called Berkeley
    Bowl- it’s an independent grocery place that has everything- I’m guessing a
    whole foods would have these teas too or some other independent organic
    type grocery store- maybe even online- everything can be bought on there!

  4. @HHcgCraZy Thanks! Yeah it seemed to make sense if I’m getting that much
    less sugar w/fruits and melba that I should be able to get away with some
    half and half. I just love dairy- wish I could still drink cow milk but it
    hurts my tummy- but I love Goat milk and can seem to still manage that. I
    wasn’t a tea drinker until I met my husband’s mother- she made pot of tea
    that I just loved and it’s been history ever since!

  5. Yummy teas! Have never tried chocolate before. U are having amazing
    releases! When I load next I’m going to load clean without the carbs and
    sugars too. Sounds like the way to go to me!

  6. @HcgCharm Thanks- they are really delicous- things like that are always so
    tasty on p2 when nothing else is that tasty lol.

  7. @VeryMelly101 Thanks! I am very happy I loaded the way I did- it’s hard
    sometimes because it feels like the only fun part of doing hcg (besides
    seeing the scale go down of course) but I just knew I needed to make a
    permnant change in my diet and that there should never be a reason that I
    would pig out on foods that I easily get addicted to- so for me it’s

  8. @seattlesuzie NO way!!! Really? I love my tea drawer- just opening it and
    looking at all the teas is fun for me lol. That chocolate chai one if my
    fav so far- it’s not really chocoately- just a blend of yummy goodness! lol

  9. Woooohoooo! Great releases all around! WTG Chica! Thanks for sharing the
    teas! Will see if Whole Foods have them here. Continued releases to ya!

  10. you are doing great! are you doing rx this round? so cool that you have a
    friend doing hcg and vlogging! way to go on your fat going!

  11. @socalplum Thank you!! I am doing rx again. Same brand as last two times so
    far, but will be switching to a new brand when alldaychemist order comes
    in. I know- it’s funny I knew she was doing hcg the last two times but
    didn’t know she had been vlogging lol. Yes get rid of the fat!!

  12. @MightMouseLisa Thanks! Yeah I bet the whole foods would have them- that
    Chocolate Chai one is soo good!! And the honeybush too- those are probably
    my very favorite non caffeinated ones.

  13. Thanks for the info on the teas. I really don’t drink teas so its fun to
    hear the descriptions of each. Great job on your losses so far. What brand
    of HCG are you switching to?

  14. @JenniferHCG76 I’m going to be trying the Fertigyn brand- some people on
    the hcg boards mentioned feeling really good on it so I thought i’d try it-
    I think it’s a newer brand.

  15. @MsHcGGirl Ooh yeah me too- it’s so good! Love spearmint gum too (not on p2
    for me though). I AM doing great- thanks!

  16. Your doing wonder—thanks for all the great teas—will be checking some
    of them out—do you drink them cold or hot?–Blessings and Hugs

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