HCG R3P2D12-16 130.4 Today, raised my dose- no more blood sugar issues

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24 thoughts on “HCG R3P2D12-16 130.4 Today, raised my dose- no more blood sugar issues

  1. Glad you got the dose issues figured out! I’m trying the “no fruit extra
    veggie” thing on P2 now since I’ve been struggling with cravings in the
    evening. So far so good! Today is my first full day doing it and I feel
    fine. We’ll see how it goes! Keep up the good work1

  2. We’ve been on Fall Break the past two weeks and I’ve cooked at least two
    meals a day for my kids plus something else for myself. It is hard and I’ll
    be honest, tonight I caved and had a piece of the cake my daughter made.
    It’s alot easier when we’re only home in the evening. You’re husband is a
    sweetie to take over for you like that. Keep up the great work, sister.
    BTW…your title is a bit deceiving. It says R3P3…I thought I missed
    something…lol! (((HUGS)))

  3. Yay, grats at being backish in the 120’s!!! I don’t believe I’ll ever be
    even close to that number, but thats okay. 🙂 You are so informative. I
    love watching your videos and seeing your comments 🙂

  4. Even with the gains you are still doing wonderful–very interesting about
    the extra protein–thanks for sharing—so happy to here that your blood
    sugar is good now-and the hunger is alot better—yayyyyy UUU–proud of the
    hubby for stepping into help—so sweet—-wishing you huge
    releases–Blessings and Hugs

  5. @Juju4God Thank you! Yeah I was just trying to figure out why my ketones
    were less those two days when they’ve been the same level the whole round.
    Carbs would of course do it too, but I didn’t realize protein could cause
    it as well. Thanks so much!

  6. @MouserNerd Thanks! So close. It’s just so amazing because I haven’t been
    in the 120’s since about 8 years ago probably. I am very short so it’s a
    normal number for me. I’m excited to watch you melt with biomedic as well!

  7. Congrats on reaching the 120’s! I read that using carmex on your lips is
    allowed because the wax won’t penetrate the lips.

  8. @kate37ta1 Ugggh- the cooking kills me! I made this most delicious smelling
    dish the other night and started feeling pretty sorry for myself! I excused
    myself to watch vlogs while they ate it at least. My hubby is very
    understanding, I just have to tell him what I need. I changed the title of
    the vlog- thanks for alerting me to that mistake!

  9. @justgranny45 Oh thank you! This is our office which was supposed to be
    half a nursery for my son when he was born so I did it all up with
    turqoise/red/yellow and made this harlequin diamond wall- then we didn’t
    even end up using it like that because we moved things all around again
    lol. I read nurseries should be done to the mother’s taste as the baby
    won’t remember it anyway, so that’s what I did! Yeah the dose change,
    though tiny, has helped immensely- guess that shoes how powerful hcg is!

  10. @rachaelburden27 Thank you! My face is getting smaller but I still have
    plenty of thighs and tummy girl! I am getting so much closer to my goal
    though and that is exciting.

  11. @MsStarbright84 Thank you! I am about 10 pounds from my original goal, and
    15 pounds from being fantastically fit lol. I’m 5’1″ so 115-120 would be a
    great weight for me. So yes I’m close since I’ve lost over 40 pounds so
    far! It’s like only a quarter of the journey left in a way. Thanks so much!

  12. @JessiHcg Thank you! Nice that while it took 9 weeks to gain 13 lbs back
    (which is still pretty short of a time) it only took 2.5 weeks to relose
    it. But I definitely don’t want to do that again- even though it’s short,
    every day on hcg is like a week long mentally lol. Yeah- it’s so hard to be
    around food! So glad I have supportive hubby to listen to my needs like

  13. So glad it’s working out for you. Glad to be back on the losing wagon.
    Wishing you the best for the rest if your round!!!

  14. @stepharoo85 Thanks! I loved your vlog about the hiking btw- that was so
    awesome! Yes it has been such a better experience this time. Round 1 and 3
    are the winners I think.

  15. @hcgchicka83 Thanks! Yeah it feels so great to be getting down! I never
    thought I could weigh this again since my early twenties. It’s like getting
    my life back!

  16. How did you gain so much? I can’t wait to eat again and it’s kinda worrying
    me that I won’t be able to control myself. What all did you eat other than
    lots of ice cream?

  17. @LivingbyLiv Don’t worry- I literally was bingeing on totally sugary foods
    and I didn’t do p3 at all- as long as you do p3 you will stabilize fine. I
    ate a half gallon of ice-cream the day before I started low carbing prior
    to starting my third round. And i did that a number of times- it wasn’t
    your normal overeating and your weight is quite volatile right after hcg,
    hence the need to do no sugar and no starches.

  18. @HCGChica Wow that would do it. I’m tryign really hard not to do that with
    chocolate cake cause boy do I want some so bad!! Not an easy half for me
    and all due to Thanksgiving!! Well despite your ups and down congrats on

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