HCG R3D1 -2.2, Ketones at 80, no fruit on p2 today

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25 thoughts on “HCG R3D1 -2.2, Ketones at 80, no fruit on p2 today

  1. Yayy for losses and ketones! Honestly I checked my ketones sometimes my
    first round and it didn’t seem to matter much whether they showed up or
    not. I lost about the same. But some days it was just nice to see them. lol

  2. thanks for the shout out ! i will vlog today ! i lost another 2.2 ! at
    first i thought my scale way broken or something !! I feel soo good! no
    carb cravings … little sugar cravings but i struggle with that . GREAT
    vlog hun. so glad you are doing good.

  3. @Gracieandhcg Thanks! I will! I love this youtube community- it’s the best
    support network there is!

  4. @mzphatabulous Thanks! So happy about it since I’m doing “experiments” you
    never know what the results might be- good or bad- but this time it was

  5. @DeeHcgPrincess I know was like giddy with excitement when I saw that dark
    purple- a first for me!!

  6. @HcgCharm What’s MFP? I ate bacon, soup with bacon fat in it I made with a
    whole avocado, full fat greek yogurt, goat milk (just a little- it actually
    does have natural sugars and carbs), cheese, steak, hot dogs (no bun),
    buttered veggies, grass fed burger meat, more avocado, tons of half and
    half in my teas with stevia as sweetener- I can’t remember any more at the
    moment but I hope that helps! You’ve been an inspiration to me- hope that
    143 leaves town again quick!

  7. I agree with your cutting out of th fruits on vlcd’s. I was actually
    stalled for 3 days and what I did was cut out one apple. I had half an
    apple in the morning to get my metabolism going and then the other half for
    dinner. I made up for the calories with extra protein….the stall broke
    and i’ve been losing steady ever since….I wont cut out the other apple
    cause that little bit of sugar helps me tremendously.

  8. sweet- already got the load weight off and then some! So happy for you! You
    are doing great and I can’t wait to see how this round goes for you!

  9. @JCMySoulsBoast Good idea- yeah it’s worth trying different things when
    you’re having stalls. That’s great that you can tell what works best for
    your body too. Thanks for watching!

  10. I checked my ketones first round also, and it motivated me to keep going
    because I knew I was losing fat.

  11. @mswilliamsa23 That’s great! Yeah that’s what it’s all about to me-
    otherwise I’ll just be a skinny fat person lol.

  12. @HCGChica Myfittnesspal.. it is a phone app and calorie counter plus much
    more… Alot of the U tubers are using it. Thanks for the info… much

  13. @HcgCharm Oh lol! Yes I hear you guys talking about it but no I’m not on
    it. Thanks now I know the short name for it though!

  14. How wonderful that you are doing so great this round!!! I also check my
    ketones every couple days & I am sitting at 80 as well. Took me 4 days to
    get there. I love that you are happy & so excited on this round!!!! Hugs!!!

  15. @wisconsindieter Thanks! I am doing great! I don’t know but it’s exciting
    to see the dark purple ketones for the first time in my life.

  16. @Juju4God Thank you! It’s nice to have a good first week like this and
    follow through with the decisions I had wanted to make in my mind- I didn’t
    let my heart lead me the other way this time! I will probably always load
    clean like that from now on- keeps the right mentality for me going- I’ve
    just realized for me personally there can never be a time that bingeing on
    sugary foods is okay- it just sets me down the wrong path. Thanks for

  17. awesome releases! As you can see, I am catching up! lol HUGS to you! Ur
    doing FABULOUS!☼

  18. love your earings …so pretty … im day 2 vlcd .. down almost 3 lbs …
    yay .:) . do you do the cholate delite . or conyt oil . on p2 i did it
    yesterday ….. and i lost really good but iwonder if i would have lost
    more if i didnt do it . and i did a detox bath. yay your so groocy 🙂

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