HCG R2P2/1 week after Planned Interruption/ VLCD 44-51

182.4 was my liw before planned interruption. I did get down to 180.2 before leaving for national conference. Resumed injections on Sunday 10/30/11 and vlcd….

6 thoughts on “HCG R2P2/1 week after Planned Interruption/ VLCD 44-51

  1. @HcgCharm Thank you… I am glad to see the weight go… @JenniferHCG76
    LOL.. honey diva can’t be cute with a hurting toe… I have this lady at
    the shop where I normally get my pedicures who can excuvate those things…
    whew.. @Iknowican2011 Thanks.. cuteness and feeling good toe = priceless. I
    felt it saturday but really felt it today tipping in my heels.. I said oh
    but no..

  2. Looks like you are back on the loosing train after you planned
    interruption. Thanks for the update.

  3. WOW you’re doing great after your interruption, good job!! Your poor little
    toesie, glad you got that taken care of. Pedicures are the best =D

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