HCG R2P2 VLCD35 Down 5.2 lbs in last 2 weeks, “mini-load” I did

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25 thoughts on “HCG R2P2 VLCD35 Down 5.2 lbs in last 2 weeks, “mini-load” I did

  1. Great job Chica!!! WOW! You made up some serious time since you last
    vlogged. 130.6… are you kidding??? That amazing! I understand about
    getting tired of the limitations. It’s such a mind game. Mad at the diet…
    I understand!!! Hang in there! You do look great. How much longer are you
    in p2? Wishing you great success and big releases this week. Love to you
    today : )

  2. Yay!!! She’s back and skinnier!!! I’m so glad you stuck it out!! You were
    really losing well when you were POP. This can be extremely tough mentally.
    I’m on day 31…and yes, I need this round to be over. But I committed to
    do a 40 day round. Go strong these last few days and see what your body and
    mind will allow you to do. Good round!! You can do this sweetie!!! It’s
    hard to continue when you look & feel good already. That is one reason I
    never get to my goals.

  3. cont… Sorry!! On WW I would get to a certain weight and than just feel
    good enough and quit. Than of course gain it all back!! I think you look
    lovely!! I know you love P3, so I hope these next few days go quickly for
    you!!! Thanks for vlogging!!! XX00

  4. Ohh, so good to see you!! I’ve been thinking about you! Wow, one thing
    about being on P2 and not vlogging often is we can REALLY see a HUGE
    difference in you when you do!! You have done amazing! So happy that you
    are in your goal jeans!! Excited to see you in those! Sorry it’s been a
    struggle, I can understand that totally! Especially when like you said you
    are looking good, feeling good and at a healthy weight. So did you say what
    your total loss so far is this round? I missed thath if so,

  5. so proud of you gurl! U have such a strong disposition to not do much on
    the stall days. U know me..2 days and I am doing something! lol I guess the
    cheat day restarted your releases! I pray you get to your goal for this
    round. Ur stats are crazy good! U look great! Can really see that your face
    is thinning here! :)) HUGS!♥

  6. Yay! Nice to see you do a clog. You are doing so well. Continued releases
    to you!

  7. @MightMouseLisa – tee hee! “clog…” I know it was just a typo, but I got a
    visual of Chica doing a clog dance…

  8. Chica- Thanks for vlogging! Sounds like you are ready to finish this P2
    round for sure. 🙂 If you are happy where you are (for now and maybe for a
    while) then why keep torturing yourself? Stop the HCG, have your 3 days of
    good protocol eating, and ENJOY the rest of the summer! Maybe once it
    starts getting a little cooler out, you’ll be ready to drop that last ten
    pounds. Just my two cents. 🙂

  9. So glad you vlogged- I was wondering how you are doing. Sometimes it’s good
    to take a little break from YT because it can be consuming and this is the
    perfect time because there isn’t a lot going on here anyway. You have a
    great average so far and are having a great round- I know there are always
    bumps- but you got this!

  10. Your doing great! Above average in fact. Looking forward to seeing if the
    mini load helps you get past this set point.

  11. @walkyrge So funny! I just got a new Android phone and that was my first
    comment from it and the darn thing did a spell check thingy on me and I
    didn’t catch it till after I posted it. haha Darn smart phones aren’t so
    smart, I say! LOL

  12. nice to see your face.. wow, knocking at the 120’s door.. hope everything
    works out and good to hear that you are happy with your weight. it’s a good
    place to be.. keep it going ! hugs!

  13. @MsTeribear Hiya! Yes I’m feeling much happier with my body- even though
    it’s still nowhere near perfect! lol.

  14. @draddog5 Thanks! Seriously having a bunch of setpoints this past 2 weeks
    huh! lol. I m very happy with my results since I’m getting down to those
    last 10.

  15. @MightMouseLisa Thanks! I love it- clog! lol. Yes hoping to drop just 3-4
    more before the end of this round- let’s hope!

  16. @wisconsindieter Thanks! Yes I was comparing my face in my vlog from
    loading on round 1 to this vlog and I just couldn’t believe how different
    my face looked! That was just the motivation I needed to finish out this
    round properly- i want to get as far away from how I looked in that first
    vlog as possible! Scary- because I remember thinking in a couple of those
    first vlogs that I didn’t look half-bad- ha! Reality check! Thanks for your
    loving concern all the time!

  17. @LisaLose40 Thanks! I know I can’t believe it either! I think I have about
    8 days left of p2 and I think I will try to stick it out- if I could
    stabilize under 130 that would be awesome. Thanks for your comment- it was
    so sweet!

  18. @socalplum Thanks! Yeah that correction day was awesome! I didn’t expect to
    lose more than I gained. I am definitely going to try to stick out the rest
    of this round- I’m so close to being done and to be drop another 3 lbs
    maybe would be awesome!

  19. I think you and I are singing the same song, sister…lol! This round has
    been a mental game for me, as well and I know exactly where you’re coming
    from. I can’t even say I’ve lost 19 pounds and I’m on day 45 or something.
    Oh well….I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel and if I have
    to do another round to get it done, I’ll do it. You do look fantastic but
    you do what makes you feel great! A size 6? Crazy good!! Stay strong and
    finish proud….(((HUGS)))

  20. You are the cutest! You are doing great and look it too! Hang in there the
    last few days. I know you can do it. 🙂

  21. Ahhh, you are too cute! You know I said this before, follow your gut and
    you will know when it is time to start and when to stop! You did great last
    round and you will knock this one out too! Looking forward to seeing you
    future vlogs of beverages of choice! LOL

  22. Sounds like you’re still having a good round! I’m so weird, I’m kind of
    looking forward to a stall so I can do a fat fast day. I just want some
    avocado!! =P Hahahaha.

  23. what is the corret wieght should a 5.2 pirsion be plus how do i sen u

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