HCG R2 Loading- Share How You Get Your Water In

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15 thoughts on “HCG R2 Loading- Share How You Get Your Water In

  1. i just drink my water plain… i actually like water… weird i know!!!
    loading is so hard for me that is why i do 3 days because i just don’t get
    enough food in on 2. So excited to watch your round!!! hugs!!!

  2. I drink from a 52 oz Bubba Keg, something about drinking from a huge mug
    with a straw that helps me. I usually refill it two or three times a day. I
    also like to use Mio water enhancers every so often, it makes me feel like
    I am being naughty lol. It is also great to use with tea too, really gives
    it a fruity kick and zero calories! Glad you are loading! YAY!

  3. I really don’t have a problem getting my water in–but I do have 5 to 6
    bottles of bottled water in my frige so I know if I drink all of them-I
    have drank all my water–sounds like your off to a great start–wishing you
    the best–hope your enjoying the food–Blessings and Hugs

  4. First thing every morning, I fill up my 2.2 Liter “jug” that I got from
    WalMart. I know I cannot have tea (iced) or my lemonaide until I drink all
    the water first. That way, I’m sure to get it in because I love my
    lemonaide:) Enjoy your loading as much as you can 🙂

  5. I buy a bottle of Fiji water in the 1 litre bottles. For some reason they
    don’t look like 1L so I seem to be able to drink more that way. Another way
    is adding something spicy to my meals so I drink more. My weight watchers
    leader a few years ago wore silver bracelets and would move 1 to the
    opposite hand everytime she finished a bottle. I try to trick myself. 🙂

  6. I drink 2 20 oz before going to work, another on the way to work and get at
    least 3 more during the day, usually ending by 7pm or sooner so I’m not up
    all night. I’m doing bottled water cause tap is awful here and bottles are
    only a dollar a day when bought in a case. When I need to chug more I’ll
    use the water flavors, but usually just plain water.

  7. You look great today. I don’t drink water- only tea and I get it in more
    easily by drinking it from a Starbucks cold cup with a straw. Hope you are
    enjoying your loading! Can’t wait to watch you lose a bunch on this round!

  8. I actually love water but when I want to get more in. I drink a gulp of
    water in b/t bites. I also add a lemon slice and a couple strawberry

  9. happy Loading! I have 2 tall 32oz big handled cups that I put UNSWEETENED
    Luziane Tea in. Then I mix Stevia & Lemon juice in them. I also drink a lot
    of coffee! I know it isnt water but it is the liquid we need. Normally a
    Gallon a day.

  10. Any decaf no cal drink is counted as water. I drink green decaf tea. I have
    Yerba Matte Tea which is made in water 165 degrees so it isn’t bitter. I
    make lemonade with organic lemon juice & stevia. I make a Fruit2o type
    drink with Ocean Spray Diet Juice which is good & has a nice flavor. I
    don’t like plain water.

  11. I make one pot of tea in the coffee maker. I use 4 organic green tea bags,
    and 4 peppermint or lemon tea bags for a total of 8. I put the tea bags in
    the pot and just pour water in the coffee maker and I let the tea bags stay
    in the pot/carafe until I’m done drinking it which doesn’t take long. I do
    add stevia, sometimes packets sometimes liquid. I drink regular water too,
    and sometimes I’ll add SweetLeaf Berry flavor. WTG on your load, happy
    loading! 🙂

  12. I have a 2 qt pitcher at work and first thing in the morning I slice a
    lemon and fill it up with ice and water. Try to get the first pitcher in
    before lunch and if so as a treat I add a flavoring to my second pitch
    which I seem to suck down pretty well! 🙂 When at home I have a stemmed
    goblet that I use that makes me feel special!!! 🙂 HUGS

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