HCG R1VLCD25 Eating Balanced for life

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14 thoughts on “HCG R1VLCD25 Eating Balanced for life

  1. I’m dealing with TOM today too so I know what you mean about a bit more
    water retention. I really crave sugar when TOM is coming to visit so that
    has been hard while on HCG. Carbs are so hard to resist for sure,
    especially with a family. I’m planning to set a carb max number for each
    day once on p3 and p4 so that if I’ve over indulged early in the day I have
    a good reason to pass on carbs later in the day. Maybe that would work for
    you too.

  2. That’s a great idea latamarlynn- a carb limit. I need to get more familiar
    with how many carbs are in certain foods. Thankfully I haven’t craved sugar
    much this time- but i’m sure I will again in the future….

  3. Your husband is a smart man. Eat the protein and veggies first and then if
    you are still hungry eat something else. Good idea! I enjoy your videos so
    don’t worry about talking too long. Keep it up!

  4. I had a really bad experience with apple days in the past. I like you begin
    to really miss my proteins. Glad things are going well. So glad you are
    able to control yourself while cooking. You are really starting to find
    yourself again and it’s great to see. Great advice to people. Take care

  5. Glad to see someone else hangs their bras on the doorknob to dry. LOLOL. So
    funny!!!! Prophylactic apple day in prep for TOM. Very interesting! Love
    your earring holder.

  6. Great vlog!! I agree with you. I love to cook and I am cooking way much
    more now then before. I need the structure also, I have ADD. I also want
    the balance with food because I grow up around rice, beans, salads and the
    food you know, and I wasnt heavy when I did balance all those foods. Thats
    exacly what I want to accomplish here in USA. thanks for this awesome vide

  7. @Kit2U1 OH MY! Totally didn’t notice the bra lol. And earring holder! Just
    a frame from the thrifstore I spraypainted and put wire mesh inside- works
    great! Got the idea from my grammy-in-law. :)-

  8. @chunknomore Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! Wow! Yes I’m such
    a protein person- I need meat meat meat! If i could only have one food to
    eat my whole life, meat would keep me healthy best!

  9. @krilaur YES! It is a bra! Sorry….lol. Hoping to find lots of good
    recipes that are healthy to keep me going in p3 and P4.

  10. @genuinelatinahcg Yes I agree that vlogging keeps you accountable and also
    keeps you motivated. Yeah- my hubby is so sweet…

  11. @twilafern Awww your so sweet! Can’t believe anyone would want to watch me
    talk for 10 minutes straight! Lol. It really does help keep me serious
    though to share my true thoughts and feelings.

  12. @latamarlynn Seems like a lot of people are on TOM this week! We must all
    be on the same TOM schedule lol.

  13. @chiniriz1 Oh wow! It really feels like P2 is the perfect time to plan
    ahead for p3 since we don’t have to think about food much on p2- there’s so
    little we eat and prepare that it give you time to prepare for the future.
    I think a lot of us out there have the same feelings about food.

  14. @BrazilianGirl36 I go in and out of liking to cook- but this is definitely
    helping me stay interested since i want to be healthy but also like my food!

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