HCG R1VLCD24 Doing Apple Day

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19 thoughts on “HCG R1VLCD24 Doing Apple Day

  1. Hey Hon…oh…you look so prettty! Love the makeup & earrings 😀 Good job
    for your husband…wow! Hope the apple day works out for you…fingers X’d.
    Take Care Sweetie 😀 Laurie

  2. 17.6 lbs?! Awesome for you. Kudos to the hubby too, 24.6 lbs?! Wow. Keep it
    up you two!!! Love your eye makeup too!

  3. hhcgcrazy- thank you! I’ve hardly worn any makeup this past 6 months
    because I was starting to just give up on myself and felt so ugly- now I
    have this renewed hope and feel so much better about myself- now I’m having
    fun dolling myself up!

  4. glad to hear the choco-d did’t mess with you.. can’t wait to see the
    results of your apple day! hugs!

  5. Yahoo… almost a whole pound in a day! Keep up the great work! You are
    doing awesome!

  6. I just subscribed and love hearing about your journey! I start my first
    round next week and so I’m watching all your videos to get me prepared haha
    🙂 any suggestions or advice you can give me that you found was helping
    when you started?

  7. hi, this is the first vlog from you that I am watching…. You dont have
    any accent for a chica, hahaha. I hope you have a great apple day. besos

  8. Hope you had a great apple day! Gotta love that choco-D!! Keep up the great

  9. I think I’m try an “Apple Day”…small cheat yesterday (naughty me…loool)
    but only with extra Chicken and Salad after going out with a Girlfriend
    from the old days…let us know how u get on

  10. @BrazilianGirl36 Hey Braziliangirl- guess what? I’m not really a chica! I’m
    actually half greek/half german- but Chica is a word I’ve used for all my
    girlfriends since I took spanish in highschool so it became a very me
    thing to say even though it isn’t my true culture…lol…now you know my

  11. @chunknomore Thanks! The choco-d was okay but I need to tweak it a little
    more to enjoy it to the best level I think.

  12. @genuinelatinahcg Fantastico is another word I used to say all the time!
    Took me back…..I’m not actually of spanish descent but in highschool
    when I took spanish I started using a lot of the words I mixed as part of
    my own personal “slang.” :)-

  13. @67blackgirl It’s funny how when you’re on this protocol “cheating” means
    eating too much salad! Not something people who aren’t familiar with hcg
    would understand!

  14. @mzbekdiva Thanks! Yes i’m pleasantly surprised with my weightloss record
    so far.

  15. @HCGChica hahahahaha OMG I am sorry!!! You dont look like a chica, but we
    never know right? hahahah anyway besos

  16. @BrazilianGirl36 You dont’ have to be sorry! It’s funny that I may be
    confusing people though! Especially with all these Mexican recipes I’m
    making for hubby on p3! Lol.

  17. @HCGChica hahaha that is exactly what I thought about today., hahahahah!!!

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