HCG R1VLCD23 the way the weight comes off

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13 thoughts on “HCG R1VLCD23 the way the weight comes off

  1. Yay all of you!! Way to hang in Mom!! Three steps forward with 1 back is
    working for her! You guys are doing great! XOXO.. Donna

  2. You are doing wonderful! What a great journey you are taking with your
    family too! GO MOM!!! Nice! Keep it up you guys and hang in there! Uh- oh
    chocolate delight…YUM…

  3. Hi chica! wow you are doing fantastic. Great to hear. I am just getting
    back to YT for a couple month break. Getting to know the new faces. Nice to
    see you and best of luck continuing forward!

  4. Glad you’re doing great cuz you were my baseline as far as my food intake.
    Way to go!!!

  5. There is no small loss… loss is loss! You are doing great! Keep up the
    great work!

  6. @genuinelatinahcg Thank you! I’m glad my face is looking thinner- I think
    that’s when you really start getting depressed over how you look- when your
    face starts getting reallllly round and puffy looking. Glad that’s gone!

  7. @chunknomore Thanks for checking out my vlogs too! I keep trying to find
    people doing the protocol right now too and those who have done it in the
    past with those awesome before and after videos.

  8. @Sumrblond I know- I feel like this has been such a privilege to be doing
    this with both my mom and husband. My next round my mom will be doing it
    with me again, and my mother-in-law and my dad may be joining the bandwagon

  9. @Givingitmyall2011 Thanks donna! I’m not sweating the small steps back here
    and there anymore either since I’m really starting to feel happy with how
    much weight is already behind me.

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