HCG R1VLCD22 Bunch of New Stats!

Full Article: http://hcgchica.com/hcg-diet-round-1-vlcd-22/ Buy hCG injections or drops: http://hcgchica.com/buy-hcg-injections-worldwide/ Down 1.2 this a.m….

11 thoughts on “HCG R1VLCD22 Bunch of New Stats!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better…you look good Honey!! Yay….1.2 lb
    release…good job! I agree with you about sleep…it is so important!! I
    notice bigger releases when I’m well rested.:) Wonderful releases for your
    hubby & your mom…so happy for all of you guys!!! Lamb chops…too
    funny…you go mom! Holy Cow…what an awesome loss of inches…good job!
    Take Care! XOXO Laurie

  2. Wow…16.6 lbs released in 21 vlcd days is fantastic! I was also releasing
    .2 lbs every 1/2 hour in the mornings, which is why it is important to
    weight yourself the same time each day, if possible. Congrats to your
    Mother and Husband!!

  3. i never get to sleep in, my son is up by 7am everyday.. sad face…
    congrats to your hubby and mom, wish we could lose like the men! 16.6 is
    awesome for your 21st day, your gonna pass me up this round! great job!

  4. YOU LOOK GREAT! Wow… what a difference in your face! Keep up the great
    work! I am on day 18… so we are just about the same VLCD. I am keeping
    vlogs, too, so look me up! 🙂 Happy releases!

  5. Ur enthusiasm is so infectious! Love that! Those are crazy inches released!
    U GO GURL! Great stats for the hubs & your mom! I do mac nuts on P2. Love
    them! (They are addictive so be careful!lol)

  6. @BThinSoon Thanks bthinsoon! I wish I could sleep in till 11 a.m. every
    day so that I could lose the most! I really think there’s something to
    that. I had to get up at 6:15 sunday morning- uggghhh- and had a big fat

  7. @MsHcGGirl I’m replying late becuz I finally learned how to reply to
    comments! lol. I am really so happy with how many inches I’ve lost! It’s
    really noticeable on me now. I’ve eaten the mac nuts a couple times now-
    not sure how they affect me yet.

  8. @mzbekdiva Thank you! I’m so glad to know my face is slimming down- some
    days I think i look a lot different, and then other days I feel like I
    don’t look much different. Such is womanhood! Hope you’re doing good!

  9. @MsTeribear Oh my goodnes– I remember when my son was waking up at 7a.m.
    every day too- it was torture! I feel for you. How old is he? My son wakes
    up around 8 or 8:30 now which is better- but sometimes if he ends being
    late with us then he’ll sleep till 10- love those mornings!

  10. @HHcgCraZy I know- my mom is crazy! I’d be so scared to do something like
    that but she totally didn’t sweat it- and it didn’t seem to hurt her in the
    end- yay for that!

  11. @HCGChica oh man how i would love to sleep till 8am, haha.. my boy just
    turned 3 and he has never been much of a sleep fan! oh well one day soon!!

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