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3 thoughts on “HCG R1VLCD1

  1. the first week it is common to be hungary. if it doesn’t pass after a week
    try a fasting day, that worked for me. I also spread out my food, have the
    fruit as a snack, make soups with low salt broth and add vegies or canned
    organic diced low salt tomatos because the volume of liquid will help fill
    you up. Just things I’ve learned when i started 2 weeks ago

  2. Yes I can see there was a little adjustment period. Thankfully my SQ dose
    ended up being about right- anywhere between 175 and 166 seems fine for me
    and I don’t feel hungry at all now. My mom did end up having to up hers to
    250 iu though and now her hunger is much better- she was feeling ravenous

  3. Thank you so much for making these videos! This is my first round and
    tomorrow is my first VLCD day, and watching your videos has made me far
    less anxious. Looking forward to watching them as I go along. My
    nine-year old daughter would like to say you are a very good inspiration to
    her Mama and that you are a very nice woman. LOL. 

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