HCG R1P3D9 TOM and maintaining

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21 thoughts on “HCG R1P3D9 TOM and maintaining

  1. Toward the end of my last round, I had my yearly checkup and had my thyroid
    retested since I take meds for it daily. My doctor ended up increasing mine
    by doubling my dosage. I felt like some of my symptoms from before I was
    diagnosed with hypothyroid were back. I think it has really helped me on
    stabilizing better this P3 than my other two P3’s since upping it. I think
    the diet does do something to the hypothalamus that effects the dosages of
    our thyroid meds, they have to be readjusted.

  2. This info about P3 is so comforting and good to know. I think we each just
    will have to experience for ourselves to see what our bodies like and don’t
    like. Sometimes I think it’s a guessing game we just have to play. Your
    cookbook looks really awesome and that recipe looked really yummy! You are
    so sweet about not wanting to give us incorrect info!! You are doing great
    and tell your mom congrats!!

  3. you are doing great and looking amazing, its nice to see you check in
    …dang tom !! i just read that you kept drinking diet coke on P2 …..did
    that affect your losses at all and how much did you drink a day ?? I have
    been drinking coke zero and pepsi max both no calorie sodas one made with
    splenda and one with aspartame i seem to be losing well with both so i am
    gonna continue to do so , its nice to know im not the only one who does
    this on P2 !!! are you doing another round ?? You look GREAT

  4. I’m doing p3 too now. I can’t seem to get more than about 1500 cals even
    though I’m supposed to have almost 2000 according to the formula. I don’t
    seem to get hunger on p3 either. I had breakfast of eggs and sausage at
    830, missed lunch and supper at 630 I still wasn’t really all that hungary.
    Its kinda weird, I thought I’d be hungary with no HCG, so intersting

  5. Great advice and insight on P3! Things fluctuate a ton so I totally see
    your point about not wanting to freak people out when it’s just water/salt,
    etc. Tell your mom she did fantastic!! You both did amazing. Glad P3 is
    going well. That quiche looked good.. !

  6. @twilafern Wow thanks for sharing that! Everyone always says they have to
    lower their thyroid meds on this protocol I just didn’t think that’s what
    it could be the whole time, but now looking back I’m positive I need more
    the whole round. Glad I figured it out at the end at least in time for p3!
    Thank you letting me know you had a similar experience.

  7. @latamarlynn Yeah I’m glad hunger is not an issue so far either- I don’t
    feel deprived. I have no idea how many calories I”m eating each day- I may
    try to figure it out sometime just to see.

  8. @justgranny45 I’m glad it could be helpful. Yes we’re all so unique and
    it’s nice to get ideas here from everyone to try out.

  9. @slimsteve503 Thank you! Glad I don’t have to eat only 1200 calories a day
    or something to maintain so far- I’m definitely eating like a normal person
    and feel fine.

  10. @chiniriz1 Oh Mshcggirl just had a vlog about a good place to buy almond
    flour in bulk- check that out- I actually buy mine at a grocery store near
    me that makes it fresh daily- I know! I’m spoiled!

  11. you look like you are enjoying p3!!! your mom did great!!! you measured her
    ankles? that is too funny!!! i never thought to measure there!!!! you are
    amazingly efficient with your cooking!!!! wow i never knew how many
    actually maintain!

  12. glad to hear your doing so well!!! i was going to buy that cook book, but i
    didn’t figure it out until 3 weeks in that i was sensitive to the almond
    flour, bummer, cuz it is so good, and the best flour out there.. glad to
    hear yur mom is doing great.. hugs!

  13. Thank you for the update and your arms do buff! Sounds like you are rocking
    P3! Congrats to you and your mum!

  14. @secretHCGflower Aww thank you! I know I gotta get my mom on here! Yeah the
    almond flour is delish!

  15. @MsTeribear Oh bummer- yeah nuts are one of the easily sensitive things. I
    don’t actually do well with almond milk myself- although I still have it
    sometimes, but I should probably pay more attention to the almond flour and
    see how I really feel with it.

  16. @socalplum I never would have thought to do that either, but I saw one
    before and after hcg vlog where the lady measured everything- her neck,
    etc.- things I wouldn’t have thought of, and she lost inches in all those
    places! So i figured i better do the same.

  17. You’re doing great! So glad you’re enjoying P3 and the timing of your vlogs
    is perfect. It seems like P3 is so easy this way and I appreciate not
    seeing the down side to it all…lol! Great inch release for your mom!
    Can’t wait to see how this next round goes for you. Keep up the great

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