HCG R1P3D3 Exercise and Water Retention- it’s ok!

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25 thoughts on “HCG R1P3D3 Exercise and Water Retention- it’s ok!

  1. he is soooo cute! i tried counting calories but just cant do it… i am 3
    pounds under liw so i guess i am doing okay! thanks for reminding me about
    water retention… i hate when those scale numbers mess with our heads!!!
    glad you are doing well and your mom too!

  2. wow! soo happy for you!! 🙂 can you believe that the extra weight from your
    son on your back is nearly equivalent to the weight you lost… so all that
    extra work from him is what it used to be without him!!

  3. Did you have your body fat tested before you begain hcg? I am totally
    interestede to hear what your results are. Rich714__ has his body fat
    tested when he got to goal too and the results were impressive. Can’t wait
    to hear! Your little boy is such an adorable little guy and you look so
    relaxed with him as he keeps himself busy.

  4. Thank you for that info. ! We can all use that sort of encouragement. I’m
    going to research for Kit and myself what the effects are from being sick
    and water retention. We’ve both been sick and neither of us releasing very
    well during it… Could be something there… Little man is a doll! Very
    active, I can see…lol! You’re doing great with your efforts to stabilize.
    I wish you well…T

  5. Cute cute baby head! Smooch! He is adorable! Is he on the phone with his
    agent or his broker? AHAHAHA! I like listening to you, so no prob on long
    vlog. Love ya! hugs!

  6. sweet on the loss– the blueberry smoothie earier looked awesome. I had
    never heard of xanthum gum except as some obscure ingredient in stuff I’d
    eaten– I always thought it was something I probably shouldn’t eat. Zumba
    is mad fun. Don’t freak if the scale doesn’t go down- it didn’t for me on
    P90X until this round. Its all good just measure.

  7. Zumba is so awesome. It gets easier as you go. I bought the dvd’s so I
    could better learn the steps. I’ve continued it on P2 and it’s doing okay
    for me. If you’re not already, you should take MSM it also helps to heal
    the torn muscle. Some say that it helps to rebuild the elasticity in our
    skin from all the weight release. Yes, drink LOTS of water.

  8. This was very helpful info on water retention. Thanks for this video. That
    is a cute little guy, how old is he? My son is turning two in a couple of
    weeks and he weighs about the same as your little guy, he is so skinny and
    tall- I wish that was my problem LOL.

  9. @GINNANDTONICIFY I’m glad it was useful- its hard to see fluctuations on
    the scale and feel confused because you thought were getting in better
    shape! It’s helpful to know what’s going on. My son is almost 18 months-
    he’s fairly tall too and had a good physique- little boys have it so easy!

  10. @justgranny45 Hi there! My mom does not vlog- I need to get her over here
    to be a guest star on one of my vlogs so everyone can meet her- I talk so
    much about her after all!

  11. @DonnasHCGJourney That’s a good idea to try the msm- I will look into that.
    I would really like to be able to exercise next p2 so i figure if i get a
    program down I’ll be able to continue it when round 2 comes up.

  12. @myculpeperlife Yeah xanthan gum is a thickener- not sure if it’s actually
    bad for you or not but I only use 1/8th tsp. in a whole huge shake so I
    think it’s ok. Also since I’m trying to build muscle also I’m not sure how
    that will affect my numbers on the scale for now. It’s hard not to freak
    out but I know I’m doing good so I just have to keep remind myself of that.

  13. @WyldWyomingHCG Aww thanks! It’s not as easy for me as I’m making it look
    probably! I struggle too! My weight is definitely moving around even though
    I’m staying within the 2 lb limit so far- I hope it stops moving so much

  14. @Kit2U1 Thank you! I love my little guy! He’s the best. It’s my way of
    bribing you guys to listen the whole way through – lol!

  15. @secretHCGflower Thank you! I’m trying to do well but it is definitely a
    lot scarier than p2 I’ll tell you that! I don’t always look pretty
    actually- I just try to doll up for you guys since these vlogs are going to
    be here for years to come! Plus, when I get fixed up, even though it takes
    time, I end up taking better care of myself too like eating better, etc. I
    don’t know why that is.

  16. @kate37ta1 I agree I think when you’re sick your body is preoccupied with
    trying to fight the infection and there just isn’t as much energy to go
    towards the weight loss. Yes my son is VERY ACTIVE. Good, but active. Gotta
    love him!

  17. @HebbieDobby I did have my body fat tested hydrostatically before and then
    after. I will make a vlog about it soon I think. I have my before stats on
    the test in one of my earliest vlogs- I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd vlog. Yes
    it’s funny how when you become a mom you just get used to having this
    little person doing things right next to you and it’s not distracting for
    me at all anymore! lol

  18. @duckyluvey You’re exactly right- in fact he stepped on the scale today
    with his clothes on and he was 27.something lbs! I think the same thing to
    myself when I took him on a hike- wow- I was this heavy just without him
    walking around- heavy!

  19. @socalplum 3 pounds under is good! I’m currently 1 lb over ldw, so we’ll
    see how long I can get away with not counting- TOM is about here so I’m
    hoping that has something to do with it. It does mess with your head though
    even though I try to be rational.

  20. @JessiHcg oh sorry I just saw your comment here- I think the exercise is
    helpful- of course it is physically, but more than that mentally it helps
    me feel in control a little bit of helping my weight stay the same.

  21. That fluid retention isnt “extra” fluid its blood, lymph & nutrients &
    other stuff the body contains already pooling in the muscle when the muscle
    is contracted many times, its called vasodialation (or a pump as they call
    it int the gym) it can last for a few hours but goes away any excess
    swelling will likly come from from stressed joints caused by being out of
    condition & likly want iceing to reduce it. This is all to fix micro truama
    & shoulnt be noteable enough to cause any weight gain.

  22. Hormonal cycles & diet play much bigger roles in water retention then
    either vasodialation or any joint swelling! & that being said there is the
    skeletal muscle pump which aids in venous return which can even aid in
    “actual fluid retnetion” conditions like oedema by way of moving blood via
    the contraction of these muscles.

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