HCG R1P3 How to make a THICK smoothie, Protein Powder

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19 thoughts on “HCG R1P3 How to make a THICK smoothie, Protein Powder

  1. enjoy your thick smoothie! it looks delish!!! will have to get that xantham
    stuff for my next p3!!!

  2. smoothie looks yummy! I need to get some of that guar gum and xantham gum
    for my strawberry smoothies. They are usually pretty thick but they get
    runny so quickly as the strawberries begin to thaw. Do you think those
    additives are ok in P2? More power to you on the Zumba! I tried it once and
    nearly died…lol! TTFN…

  3. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am half way till I get to drink those yummy smoothies
    🙂 You’re doing awesome. Oh and I can’t wait to excerise!!! Natalie

  4. I’ve been using chia seeds in my drinks, it’s also high in fiber so it
    helps with the constipation we sometimes get on P2.

  5. @DonnasHCGJourney Oh thank you! I will check out the chia seeds- I do need
    more fiber I think.

  6. @Lisetteshell yeah watery shakes are not as satisfying especially when
    you’re trying to make them your replacement for ice-cream (which I am!)

  7. @natsiswdw It really has felt so good to exercise- wish I could zumba every
    day!!! Man I’m addicted to those smoothies- I almost think I should take a
    day to make sure it’s not messing with my weight at all- I’ve been having 2
    a day lately!

  8. I ordered hcg with escrow refills. How long is to long to wait for hcg to
    arrive? I think it’s lost in customs. How long did it take for you to get
    your hcg when you got it from escrow refills?

  9. Hey Justine! Usually it takes up to 3 weeks. I did get mine in about 10
    business days. On occasion it can take up to a month. If for some reason
    your package doesn’t come in that time, they will just ship you another one
    which you should recieve 2nd time around- it doesn’t happen often, but now
    and then it does. I hope that helps!

  10. I’ve been using Biotrust Low Carb in my shakes and protein recipes. It’s
    tastes great and has the perfect blend of whey and micellar casein protein.

  11. Hey, is guar gum necessary when thickening the shake? Or will half a
    teaspoon of xantham gum work instead?

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