HCG R1 VLCD42 Final Stats – P3 Questions

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25 thoughts on “HCG R1 VLCD42 Final Stats – P3 Questions

  1. I have decided that my next P3 will not include fruit. P2 includes grissini
    but you don’t eat it on P3. My first P3 I used fruit but I had to be very
    very careful. Maybe restrict your intake to twice a week and only berries.
    It’s going to be up to you. I “believe” stabelization will be more
    successful without too much fructose.

  2. P3- is A LOT of trial and error- I ate fruit and had no problem– but,
    cheese and nuts were a problem for me. I was at LDW for the start of Round
    2 before exercise- for me I have to stay away from prepackaged foods.
    Honestly though, aside from a piece of toast and an occasional sweet I
    never really entered back into P4.

  3. P3 will be great. I know that you will do wonderfully. I feel horrible .r
    your mom, having to go thru almost a whole round with hunger. ..I couldn’t
    imagine. The only foods that ever give me problems during P3 are cheese and
    nuts, but that is very common since those foods are very calorie packed.
    Just use common sense, you will do great:)

  4. You did so great this round , you got really close to your goal !!! You
    look amazing : ) i cant wait to see how your hydrostatic water test goes
    now ( i think thats what its called haha ) you are a big inspiration for me
    to keep goin, love your before and after video i also LOVE to sing maybe i
    will post some vlogs of that soon, you have a very beautiful voice !!!!!!
    Keep in touch on P3 and good luck

  5. @barbarad388 Thank you- yes the consensus seems to be only a little berries
    and no other fruit so I think I’ll go with that for now. I’ve come so far
    and don’t want to screw things up now!

  6. @secretHCGflower Thanks! Yes, p3 will be a whole new ballgame so I want to
    learn from the pros.

  7. @HCGforME2010 Yep you’re right that’s what it’s called. I go on april 9th,
    so will definitely post that day. Yes please post some singing vlogs! There
    are so many undiscovered beautiful voices out there that people would love
    to listen too. I will definitely make updates on p3 because how one
    successfully maintains is just as important info to me as actually losing
    the weight. Otherwise what was it for right?

  8. @MsTeribear That seems to be the general consensus- a small amount of
    berries- probably what I’ll do is just that 1/2 cup blueberries of
    mshcggirls’ blueberry smoothie and thats it. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t
    know if I’m going to calorie count- the thing is I make these major
    homemade meals and I really have no idea how many calories are in them so
    it’s really hard to do that. I will start without, and then if things get
    out of hand, I will adjust.

  9. @GINNANDTONICIFY I know! I’m so amazed my mom did so well being hungry the
    whole time. I would have given up for sure! That’s good to know that for
    you it was cheese and nuts. I will definitely keep a food diary of sorts
    and see what affects my weight.

  10. @myculpeperlife another hcger just said the same thing so I will watch
    those! I guess cuz they’re so high calorie and you can eat a ton of them
    without thinking.

  11. @HebbieDobby I think you’re right and it looks like everyone else thinks
    the same thing. I think the only fruit I may try is that 1/2 cup
    blueberries is mchcggirl’s blueberry smoothie and that’s it. Looks like
    that has 6 grams of sugar, 2 grams fiber, and 9.5 grams carbs.

  12. I have the blueberry smoothie everyday as well as unsweetened homemade
    applesauce in my bowl bread without problems! Good luck figuring it out! I
    have done this 4x and this has been my best P3/4 ever!

  13. the only fruit i have done is strawberries(about 5) in a protein shake… I
    am 1.6 under lIw… and this is day 15… you will love p3!!! i probably
    already said this but go to miracleskinnydrops and watch her vlogs and
    there is just tons of information on that site! you did great!!!

  14. I use 12 strawberries in my smoothies with 3 oz of lettuce, prot pdr. I eat
    some melon when it comes with a meal. Blueberries, boysenberries. Sometimes
    a pear. Cheese and nuts are my downfall. XOXO Queen Shelley

  15. I didnt have have fruit other than 1 strawberries smoothie on phase 3 but i
    was never hungry on p3.

  16. 1st 21 days of P3 for me are only fats & protiens. i can’t do nuts at all.
    aftr 21 days, i added apples, grapefruit, grapes, pears w/ slight gain that
    i can crrect if i dont eat it 2 days in a row. Bananas i will eat less then
    1/3 & give the rest to the baby. plenty of water & moderation.. add one
    thing at a time that way you find your sensitivities. that is how i

  17. @suziehayes1 Thanks for your input. I know I need to remember to keep
    drinking water in p3- it’s something I tend to slack off of unless I’m
    really focused on it.

  18. @shopgirl72968 Thanks for sharing- I feel like I’m craving savory foods
    anyway, so I think I will be okay with fruit for the most part- the only
    thing I do want to try though is mshcggirls’ blueberry smoothie- thats 6
    grams of sugar for 1/2 cup blueberries, so we’ll see how that goes.

  19. @babychrist17 Thanks! I will try to go catch up on who you are and your
    vlogs- I just saw that you had subscribed. Thank you!

  20. @gurugnorm Thanks for sharing that- I will see what my downfall is I guess.
    I do love cheese- hope it doesn’t make me gain too much.

  21. @socalplum I think someone else mentioned that site- I keep meaning to go
    there and keep forgetting so thanks for remind me! I will definitely go

  22. @MsHcGGirl I am just dying to try your smoothie- that’s all I keep telling
    everyone- “well I’ll probably not have fruit at first, except for i have to
    try mshcggirl’s blueberry smoothie” lol. The 1/2 cup of blueberries only
    has 6 grams of sugar so I don’t see how that could possibly cause a huge
    problem. I’m mostly craving savory foods right now anyway so I think i will
    be fine with almost no fruit- but I’m glad to know your experience- as
    summer comes I know I’ll want to eat ripe peaches!

  23. Glad your mom is finally working it out. That’s a great release for her.
    Berries are better on P3. I ate strawberries and blueberries. Blueberries
    in nonfat greek yogurt with vanilla stevia. I don’t think it’s healthy NOT
    to eat any fruit. We need the fiber and vitamins. Try one thing a day and
    see how you react.

  24. down .4~ good job..and good luck with p3. 27.2 pounds is awesome! 26
    inches! wow!!! congrats on losing the bra roll! Your stats are awesome! I’d
    stick to your p2 veggies….We ate berries only on p3. We had blueberry and
    strawberry smoothies…they are lowest in sugar and calories. I pretty much
    followed an atkins type plan. My suggestion-go watch stephsuniverse’s video
    for her p3 description..she figured it all out!

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