HCG R1 VLCD40 Last injection tomorrow- ready to eat and workout

Down .2, total loss 26.2 lbs, 145.8.

14 thoughts on “HCG R1 VLCD40 Last injection tomorrow- ready to eat and workout

  1. Good luck with P3! Of course you’ll ace it just like you have your P2!!
    Congrats on a successful round!

  2. I agree honey,!! You doing the exactly right thing…. follow your body and
    you will never fail this diet!! I also exicited to be in p3 with you, lots
    of cooking!!….. Today was really hard for me but I am hanging till
    monday… For some reason I am feeling a lot cramp today… kind scary
    because my ovaries… You had a wonderfull round and great pounds
    released.. 145 wow I wish, hahaha besos

  3. I am very excited for you!!! Please continue to share with us your P3
    journey and the foods that you eat 🙂 I will just live through you for the
    next 3 weeks!!!! 145 is AWESOME!! You did great CHICA!!!! Natalie

  4. @secretHCGflower Yeah it’s weird- all of a sudden the last two days I was
    like man! I wish i could try some pushups. lol

  5. @natsiswdw I will definitely share what does and doesn’t work for me on p3
    because I feel like there’s a lack of info out there on the web for p3 so
    hoping to contribute to fixing that.

  6. @BrazilianGirl36 Thanks! I can just feel like it’s time for a break- rest
    and recovery time baby! You are doing so good too! I’ll be excited to see
    what you’re cooking on p3. Flaxbread here I come!

  7. @kate37ta1 I sure hope so! I’m a little scared, but I think I’m finally
    ready for the next phase.

  8. that is exactly how i felt at the end of my first round. i wanted to
    exercise! you will lose inches on p3… and your 10’s will be lose…

  9. Good job! I know you will master P3! I’ll be watching. Glad for your mom
    for her loss.

  10. Woot- woot! P3 here you come! I love that you are excited to exercise and
    are craving salads! Sounds like a winning combination. I know you will rock

  11. @hcgktransformed Thank you! I’m so excited to start eating larger healthy
    meals lol- and I’m all set to start some push-ups!

  12. @socalplum It’s kind of funny I guess when you do anything for a length of
    time, you start wanting to do something else. I haven’t really been eating
    my veggies lately because I replaced it with chocolate delight- so now I’m
    sick of the sweet taste and I want veggies and sick of sitting around doing
    nothing and want to build muscle. I’ll probably change my mind in a week,
    but hopefully I can stick to it! I so hope I lose those inches- that would
    just be some major icing on the cake.

  13. @barbarad388 I am excited and am cooking today for meals for the week-
    can’t wait to start eating them on p3. I will be posting p3 recipe ideas
    along the way.

  14. What a unfair world ! I eat food for 7000 kcal a day because I have severe
    problems to get a healthy weight and you have to do some efforts to get
    this normal weight. The world is really strange, people are one by one so
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