HCG R1 VLCD37 Variation is key for me

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25 thoughts on “HCG R1 VLCD37 Variation is key for me

  1. 25 pounds!!! Incredible chica. You must be so proud of yourself changing
    your life and getting closer to your goals! Cool cookbooks! Does this mean
    cooking videos?? 🙂 — Bummer on the Melatonin. I was gonna try that
    sometime. Gnite!

  2. Great release. You’re doing so well!!! 25 lbs. never to be seen again,

  3. Congrats on the release! Thanks for the info on the cookbooks. Can’t wait
    to hear how the fax seed bread works…I’d like to try it also. Let us know

  4. yay 25lbs!!!! good job.. i totally believe in variations.. thanks for the
    book recommendations.. i’ve made mamaclok’s almond cookie recipe multiple
    times, they are delish! curious to see how Rosana’s bread works for you,
    really hopping you try it!! hugs!!

  5. I got that cookbook as well and there are some great looking recipes in
    that book and I can’t wait to try them later on. I am still in P2 right now
    so I just dream right now. Anxious to see you comment on some of those
    stevia recipes in those books. You will have to let us know how they are.

  6. YAHOO! I am proud of you! Good work. I am going to try the variations like
    you mention… my body just loves to stall. I notice I have been eating the
    same food every day. Share recipies…. they sound delish

  7. @mzbekdiva Thanks! I think in one of my last two vlogs i mentioned a few
    food things I do- everything is pretty simple- i’ll try to think of more

  8. @twilafern I definitely will! I will be in p3 either next wednesday or the
    following wednesday (considering staying in p2 for an extra week).

  9. @MsTeribear Oh i haven’t seen mamaclock’s recipe- I will look it up. Tried
    the rosanna’s bread today and will let you know about tomorrow in my vlog!

  10. @barbarad388 Yes I’ll let you know- trying it today so…we’ll see! Has
    some significant calories though so must compensate with the other foods to
    not exceed 500.

  11. @hcgchicka83 Yes I sure those pounds are gone forever. I want to lose a lot
    so that I’ll never be the weight I was again- that way even if i gain 5 or
    10 pounds in the future because of life, I’ll be able to catch it before i
    get this far gone again.

  12. @genuinelatinahcg Lol- was feeling silly- i’m a major silly sound effect
    person. I am not decided yet- i will probably decide day by day as to how
    i’m feeling- I’m supposed to start p3 on april 6th which is next wednesday,
    but if i’m feeling okay I will extend it just one week more (just had to
    mix a new batch of hcg yesterday too so that’s kind of making me want to go
    longer too) but i know ultimately I’ll see how my body is doing.

  13. @socalplum Thanks! Seemed to sleep a little better last night- was pretty
    tired though!

  14. @chunknomore I am- it feels so good to have made such a significant change
    in such a short time. And also I’m happy to be finding some non-flour
    cracker and bread recipes- that makes me feel like I can continue to eat
    more healthfully and nutritiously long term- the flax seed bread is SOOOO
    GOOOD. Def. will be eating on p3. We’ll see what it does to me on p2.

  15. cool books- love your eyes, but no earrings today– you r doing aaaawesome

  16. Yay! BIG 25! Congratulations Ms. Chica! <3 Let me know how Rosana's Bread
    works out for you! P.S. I totally want that cookbook :X

  17. Chica thats all I need to say…. you figure out the magic of this diet!!
    Congratulations! variation is the key for me too. besos

  18. @HebbieDobby Thanks! You will be so happy to be on p2 again! I will
    definitely share any recipes that work out with the stevia. You are such a
    sweet person and I know you will continue to succeed.

  19. I LOVE COOK BOOKS!! I’m definately going to try to vary my calories to see
    if it helps me, too. You’re doing splendidly, Chica!! I appreciate your
    inspiration and words of advice. Have a great weekend!!

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