HCG R1 VLCD15 lowered my dose

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10 thoughts on “HCG R1 VLCD15 lowered my dose

  1. What a good hubby!! Gotta love hearing that hes seeing a difference. Many
    people have zero days but think of them as inch loss days so hopefully
    thats happening for you. Its so hard to know whats going to work, coconut
    oil, apple cider vinegar, hazelnuts. It all seems so arbitrary but for some
    people it works. You are doing great tho, looking great. I’ll watch you and
    comment, I know you will end up with tons of subscriptions as time passes,
    so I’m glad to be one of your first.

  2. Aww thanks latamarlynn! That is so sweet of you to say! I think I am a
    little boring compared to some of the other hcg vloggers…lol. Where are
    your videos by the way? You should do some too! He is a super hubby- he
    really is. Has always loved me no matter how I looked and never ever made
    me feel bad- I always did it to myself!

  3. Hey hon…don’t worry too much about a .2 gain. You will slow down or even
    stall at times, but it doesn’t last long. Woo hoo…fellow
    “stay-at-home”mom…LOVE thrift stores!!!! Your shirt is so cute…what a
    find 🙂 I have definitely noticed a loss in inches even when the scale
    doesn’t move . Sounds like you & your family are all doing great! Keep it
    up Hon! xoxo

  4. You are just beautiful!! Glad to be subscribing!! You are doing great!!
    XOXO… Donna

  5. i can relate with the shopping for your son and not yourself.. my son is 3,
    shaking my head! i have yet to shop , i have been closet shopping! hugs!

  6. Hiya hhcgcrazy- I love my shirt too! Lol. It’s always encouraging to hear
    other reaffirm that occasional slow or stopped weightloss is nothing to
    worry about and that it will pass.

  7. Givingitmyall- Thanks but have you seen me without makeup? LOL. Thanks for
    watching- it has been so great to get support in this network.

  8. MrTeribear- it really was fun picking out something that doesn’t fit yet,
    but that I know will fit by the end of this round- you might want to try
    it- also you don’t have to worry about trying anything on at the store
    since you already know it doesn’t fit yet! Just buy what you think is

  9. From one fellow stay-at-home momma to another — I love thrift stores too
    and yard-sales! I’m currently on my 2nd exit day of R1… Oh and btw, you
    have such a cute personality! ;D

  10. I totally went out today and bought a size 10 pair of white jeans–right
    now I am still a size 14/16. Can’t wait to see if I can fit into them by
    the end of my first round. :)

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