HCG Protocol Day 1 & HCG Info

After I made this video I did my first injection, and no problem at all! I didn’t feel a thing! So I hope that alleviates some of the concerns about the inje…

10 thoughts on “HCG Protocol Day 1 & HCG Info

  1. Have you read “Pounds and Inches” by Dr. Simeon? You need to limit your
    weight loss to no more than 40# in a Round. Then you need to do Phase 3 for
    6 weeks before you start a second round. You can do this. Check out the
    clips here on-line of P90X with Tony Horton, as it would help you after u
    are at goal weight to work out.

  2. Hi Cosmo 😉 I started last week. but im ordering my hcg online. You are
    lucky to have a clinic in your area. good idea to have medical supervision.
    I am a nurse so I guess im my own supervision lol. Good luck to you cosmo
    🙂 love ur hair 😛

  3. i am sad cosmo 🙁 i subscribed awhile back hoping that good ole diet and
    exercise will help us both reach our goals. FDA… you trust these guys?
    you know better hun. Oh well. I still think your cool. I just hope
    everything works out and you don’t become sick 30 years from now because of
    this. :S

  4. I understand where you are coming from, I still feel the same way you do,
    healthy means of weight management. But for me, losing weight has become
    extremely hard after all the years of slimming down, and then gaining more
    back. My metabolism is slower than a snail. So I’m hoping to loose my
    weight with HCG, and get that “second chance” to start over and live
    healthy from the start…

  5. I researched HCG for a long time before I decided to go for it. And HCG has
    been used in weight loss for over 50 years. No side effects yet, so I feel
    safe doing it, plus I’m under the care of a doctor while I’m doing this. I
    thank you for your concern, and I hope that we can both soon celebrate when
    we reach our goals! -Cosmo

  6. well, I wish you all the best and i’ll be here to follow along til the end.
    I’m sure glad you’ve done your research and seeing a doctor. You seem like
    a pretty smart guy. xox.. i’m excited for the results!! 🙂

  7. I have read “Pounds and Inches.” My clinic actually gave me a copy with my
    kit. I’ve seen the P90X, looks like a great program, but I have a bowflex
    already, so I may try that rout first. I do have Tony’s old series Power
    90, and that is good too.

  8. Power 90 is great. Sounds like you are all set up! I know you will succeed.

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