HCG P2 VLCD29 followup – interruption for Christmas

Thinking of taking Dr Simeons’ hiatus for Christmas. It’s in the book. Look it up.

6 thoughts on “HCG P2 VLCD29 followup – interruption for Christmas

  1. YOu know my vote…..it’s all about SUCEESS in the end. And without a PLAN
    everyone WILL FAIL….flying by the seat of your pants will guarantee you
    can’t fit into those pants!!! lol I’m thumbs up here! Eat 800 cals until
    HCG is in your system….that should do for “load”….delmen might have a
    suggestion there… 296.8 woooohooooo!!!!!, and see with your plan I think
    the the 3somethings are done with. I’m proud of my buddy!!!!

  2. Well, what I forgot to mention is that there is a culinary “once a year” at
    Easter called “easter pie” or “pizzagaine” or “pizzagaina” which is
    basically a huge “pie” made with ricotta and other cheeses, and packed with
    cut up ham, salami, eggs, etc…. It’s REALLY fatty and fattening but oh so
    good. The good thing is that it keeps in the fridge so if I am still on P2
    I can tuck it away for a bit… 😉

  3. lmao….u crack me up. And hey I always say Jesus is HOT….it’s not
    sacreligious when you have a personal relationship. We be eye to eye like
    that! overeat the body of christ….still lol’n…but leave it to

  4. I am also taking a break for a week on new years. I believe you take your
    last injection and following 72 hours begin P3. As long as you don’t go
    over 2 weeks you can just resume injections without loading. I think that
    would be the best way to go, with all holiday eating.

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