HCG P2 meal ~*~ All 4 in 1 Chicken Orange stir fry

So delicious, complete with super foods! =)

9 thoughts on “HCG P2 meal ~*~ All 4 in 1 Chicken Orange stir fry

  1. YUM!!!! I totally forgot about the CA kicker…I have to have some of that
    today! 🙂

  2. You are right Lvoden, it was yummy. It was so good I want more. Uhem, is
    that eating for pleasure. OOPS, yes it is! =) I love kickers.

  3. That can’t be right… all the network television shows have plates of
    bland, boring food for VLCD… you mean they’re lying to us? No way !

  4. Omg that looks sooo good!!! See there is good food to eat on P2!!! I have
    to try a Cali kicker. I’ve never tried it yet

  5. PLEASE come cook for me…pretty please!! Ok I am a dork. Did you stir fry
    the greens and orange or just the chicken. I quit coffee while dealing with
    my worm and I swear I can’t think or follow basic instructions. Or thats my

  6. Girl! You like it HOT! 🙂 I am adding this to my P2 Recipes playlist. ♥

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