HCG On Cycle | Vlog #2

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13 thoughts on “HCG On Cycle | Vlog #2

  1. Thanks for posting stuff like this, knowledge is power. and youtube
    shouldn’t be censoring people

  2. Hi Thomas, thx for your vids 🙂 2 questions I read that without hcg,
    naturally your body start back to produce test. just take more time. I m
    planning about 1 or 2 cycle of 500mg per week for 10/12 weeks the first
    year and then go naturally (saving some years of work) still young at 32
    years old. Guess my body could do it without hcg and go back naturally
    without putting another chemical into it. What do you think about it please
    ? I read also that once your body is back to produce test naturally more of
    your receptors could be activated (for one who have low test. for example)
    because of the cure and produce a higher level of test. naturally then ;
    did you read about that somewhere as well? thx again

  3. why i should throw away the original alphapharma BacWater vial and get
    different?..please re

  4. Great video. Wouldn’t 500iu of hcg a week during cycle suffice if compounds
    used were mild. I have used this dosage in the past and recovered

  5. Hey Thomas, I’m on my first cycle and i have about 4 weeks left before the
    cycle is finish..can i take HCG now?? or when should i start taking
    it…and how much should i take a week thanks man…because first i thought
    i’m gonna take HCG for PCT but after listen your video kinda worry about it

  6. I must admit ive never had a problem with my boys on a test e cycle ive run
    500 600 and 650 cycles for 10 weeks each and never ran hcg along side it 

  7. I just do 350iu twice a week (mon & fri) sub q with slin pins. kept my nuts
    plump for the last 12 week test e 600mg p/w cycle i did. I’m doing the same
    on my new cycle of test p and mast p for 6 weeks. running hcg all the way
    up until I start pct. never felt shut down for a single moment whilst on
    cycle, pct or after. always using hcg from now on.

  8. hi Thomas tnx for video , Can I use HCG Three weeks and then start a use
    PCT with HCG Together ? 

  9. id say use it during the last part of your cycle cause you will not crash
    so hard when comin off the gear then the hcg will transition you into pct

  10. Hi Thomas how are You Body ? This is going to be my 1st cycle and I have a
    couple of questions, but first im going To tell You, how i am planning to
    have my cycle. I want To use sostenon(250mgs), and deca(300mgs) twice per
    week along with 20 mgs To 40mgs of proviron and liv52ds everyday up to12
    weeks and for the post cycle im thinking hcg with clomid.
    My question is, if I take 1000 IU from hcg a week. how many weeks should
    i’ve to stay in with that dosage and how should I take the clomyd in
    combination. Have a great day.and thanks a lot,i will apreciate your

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