HCG Mind Body Method, Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher and a special thanks to Robin Phipps Woodall

Sharing a bit about Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher, Ph.D. and a special thanks to Robin Phipps Woodall. She is a true inspiration and has a wealth of knowle…

25 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method, Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher and a special thanks to Robin Phipps Woodall

  1. I thought it was worth sharing and I had a few minutes before the party : )

  2. You are absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen you look more beautiful my
    dear; you are glowing! Have fun at the superbowl and hope to chat soon. xo

  3. evolve; I love that word…I love you! Listening….learning *wink* Thanks
    for sharing!!

  4. You look so beautiful – I love this cut and color on you! Thanks for
    sharing. ~ xoxo

  5. She has a FB page for Weight Loss Apocalypse as well as a book club
    discussion group that he is involved in : ) She is so helpful!

  6. LOVE your new hair!!! Gorgeous on you!!!! You have confirmed through this
    vlog about some next steps I need to take… This life journey is SUCH a
    process. If I am not moving forward to healing I am slipping back into the
    muck… Love you, Lady!! You always encourage my heart! SO good to see

  7. Super! Yes ma’am… there IS always US!! In it together we can conquer it
    all and live a life of no regrets and enjoy being the wonderful women we
    are! Love you bunches… miss you too already… pop on!!

  8. Thanks!! I thought it was worth sharing…we all have much we can continue
    to learn and live a beautiful life!

  9. Ditto my friend!! One vlog at a time and one day at a time we can evolve
    into the strong women we are today and maybe keep some youth from
    struggling some of our battles! Even the ones we cant..atleast they will
    know they are not alone! Hugs and Love!

  10. Awww… my sweet Suzie… she is nothing to be intimidated by… I have
    found great help just by reaching out to her on occassion… She has a
    beautiful spirit and is just passionate about helping people win this
    seemingly never ending battle with addictions. You would enjoy the book…
    thought provoking and that is the tough part but once I tapped into it all
    it really helped strengthen me : ) Love you sweetheart!

  11. Ditto my friend!! Stay warm!! Wish I could play in the snow with all of
    you! XOXOXO

  12. I thought so… I am just getting into the book… so much more covered
    than the movie for sure! Love you sweetie… miss seeing your beautiful
    face and hearing you talk : ) Pop on! Muahhh!! or skype maybe tomorrow?

  13. Thank you sweetie! I love you much as well… so happy to have seen you
    more lately! You inspire me every day. Absolutely love seeing you parent…
    you are such a good Mommy! Blessed we are!

  14. Muahh!! All of us have something to share…even when we are done with the
    hcg! I love being a part of this community and my heart is with each and
    every one of you! Lord have mercy…. been saying that all day… Praying
    for you..lol… Grissini sinner! I will say an extra prayer for you at
    church tomorrow : ) Hugs!

  15. You are never alone for sure my dear!! With you all the way! Love your
    sharing and beautiful smile… brightens my world just to have you in it!
    Love you!

  16. The book covers so much more than the movie could have even touched! I am
    enjoying reading it every night! I miss ya… pop back in…havent seen you
    for a few days! Hugs and much love to you!! Muahhh!

  17. Ditto sweetheart and loved loved the lips today!! and the hair cut…looks
    really pretty on you! XOXO

  18. Thank you for the information. you are so wonderful!!! I can’t wait to get
    to know you more my little neighbor!!!!! you are so encouraging!!!!

  19. Hi Donna, I’m popping in for a little catch up! Thank you for sharing this
    info. I know it will be helpful to many…and me! Thank you too for all
    your comments on facebook over the last couple of months as I have only
    been partially dialed in. I’m hoping to come up for air soon. Sending you
    love and hugs!

  20. “The light is there . . . Let it shine in!” Powerful words. I love this
    vlog. 🙂 

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