HCG Mind Body Method…Just checking in and saying hello in life maint.

Almost 2 1/2 yrs out from my 6 rounds of HCG… just touching base and saying hello : ) All is well : ) For my interview with HCGChica see: http://hcgchica.c…

25 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method…Just checking in and saying hello in life maint.

  1. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I am happy that you are taking
    care of YOU, and you look gorgeous! 

  2. Happy to see your face pretty lady. Sounds like things are going better. So
    happy for you. Your going to be busy for sure. At least you won’t be bored.
    Have fun on your surprise trip. Love ya

  3. You look GREAT my friend. Was nice to see your face. Soon hope to hear
    your voice. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Donna, you look beautiful! I am so happy that you decided to check in! Glad
    that things are settling down a little bit for you. What a good hubby…
    Planning a surprise like that! How cool that you volunteer for so much!
    That sounds like a lot. Xoxo

  5. Listen to your body…you can take it everywhere! LOL Cute how Mike is
    talking to you through the door 🙂 Hi Mike! You have been busy this week!
    I’m glad you vlogged, I know I am interested in what you have to say and I
    am sure many others as well! Love ya!

  6. Well hello beautiful!! I saw that you had posted a video while I was
    runnning around doing errands and couldn’t wait until I got home to watch
    you!! So happy to hear that your water is going down, just sorry it is
    taking so long! So cool that hubby is planning something for you!! Sounds
    romantic! xoxo

  7. Good to see ya!!! I hope you have a great time tomorrow on your little
    “adventure”. You look amazing and so glad you have been energized and
    feeling good!! Love ya!! xoxo

  8. Hi Donna i am so glad to hear from you!!!
    so happy to see in a new video,, You look soooo gorgeous!! 

  9. Looking beautiful, Donna!! Love your sun kissed glow and makeup today. 🙂
    Jeez… those darn fluctuations! Boy you have been through a lot lately
    with this. 🙁 Thank you for the update! Big hugs, hugs, hugs, girl. Hoping
    all is on the mend.

  10. You look absolutely beautiful! Sorry to hear you are dealing with that
    retention. You are such an inspiration Donna! Thanks for checking in,
    Hugs to you !

  11. Yay you vlogged!!! Happy to see you and your beautiful self! :)

  12. your skin looks so beautiful!! so youthful!! please tell me what you are
    using to keep your skin in such good shape. so happy for you and thank you
    for taking time to vlog!! always wonderful to see you!! I love your
    rambling!! You are doing so well! Yay for pedicures and massages!!! love
    them as well! hugs to you!!

  13. Good to hear from you! My goal is to be as successful as you in my
    maintenance! You look absolutely gorgeous! 

  14. You look
    Awesome… You will get rid of this Water weight very soon!! I know You
    ;)!! I cant explain You how i feel when i see that You made a vlog!! It
    gives me strengh!!Love, love, love as always!! Besos!!

  15. I’m glad ur doing well. My son, Nathan had his five yr. check up for
    having had Testicular Cancer & his results came back “clean” from his cat
    scan. He has found that practicing Yoga helps him so much. He does do
    weight training as well. 

  16. Hey Donna! 10 lbs of mystery fluid is no joke. I hope it all resolves
    itself like the doc said.
    Enjoy your surprise!

  17. Looking as beautiful as ever!!! Your hair is beautiful!!!! You have an
    absolute glow about your skin!! xxxooo

  18. I am behind but it is always fantastic to see you and hear from you 🙂
    Oh my…busy kiddos and busy Mama! Sounds great, though!!
    By the way, you look beautiful. LOVE you ♥

  19. Looking beautiful, lady! So sorry to hear what you’ve been going through
    but glad at least the fluid issue is starting to resolve. Love to hear your
    voice! xoxo Kira

  20. Fluctuations due to meds & skin pockets are no biggie to such a pro like
    you. I’m always so happy to watch your beautiful face. I knew I saw this on
    my feed last week, so I had to hunt it down. Lol. I want to be like you
    when I grow up, all stable & level headed with maintaining. You add such an
    inspiration, & I just heart cha. Thanks for always supporting us. Hugs. 

  21. I love your positive attitude regardless of all your health challenges.
    Love you, girlfriend. <3

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