HCG Mind Body Method Checking in on Life and Mike’s R1 Week 1 Recap

Week 1 Recap – Down 9.4 and 7 inches Starting Weight 201.4 After Load Todays Weight 192 He is feeling a bit tired during P2 and so am I…lol. Lots of early …

25 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method Checking in on Life and Mike’s R1 Week 1 Recap

  1. Great job y’all, so nice to see a couple with such great support for each

  2. You guys are just so stinkin’ cute 😀 Congrats to Mike on the pounds and
    OUT TOO!!!!!! I just LOVE watching you guys 😀 Hugs to both of
    you……rest well 😀

  3. You guys are doing awesome!!! Yes health is most important and fitting in
    your suit is just a side benefit:) Mike Congrats on the releases!!
    (((HUGS)))) Connie

  4. You guys are SO cute together. Sorry you’re both feelin’ so tired. woohoo
    for hubby’s first week!! So awesome he is doing it too.

  5. Oh y’all are doing do good. WTG Mike. Just to let you know, you could fall
    in my pool anytime. Lol

  6. Hehe… It happens from time to time ..he has some pools he works on with
    some elaborate walls, stones, narrow spaces.. He always takes an extra
    shirt to work! Lol

  7. He is doing great… I think he is P2 tired… Mine could simply be one of
    those times…lol

  8. Thanks Sweetie! Mike is doing great…he works outside all day in the
    Florida heat and physical so some days are more draining than others in
    general but he is making it through the days just fine. He is ready for bed
    earlier in the evenings which is fine! It he starts to drop off energy
    through the day I will supplement with a protein shake : ) I am keeping a
    watchful eye on him! Muahh! If my Mike can do it..yours certainly can! How
    much does he need/want to lose or is it more for health?

  9. Hehe… He likes looking at the comments from everyone.. I am working on
    the perfect balance of a flavor for water that he likes to have on
    occasion. I weighed in the beginning and have once or twice in between… I
    am sitting right around my stabilization.. I was curious how mostly P2
    would affect me too and so far a bit tired (but that could just be the
    work I am doing or the MS) and it is holding up my TMI!! Lol.

  10. You are so supportive to your husband! Well he had such a great week with
    his weightloss! Your such a great coach to him! I wish I could get my
    husband to do this! But he has the worst eating habits. Y’all keep it up! I
    have a question does your husband stick to 500 calories a day? Or does he
    eat more since he works in the heat all day? My husband works in the heat
    all day too:)

  11. Sounds like everything is going great! Yay for no more headaches 🙂 I
    commend you for sticking to p2 for your hubby. I don’t know if I could do
    it if I didn’t have to….If my hubby were doing it, I would probably be
    telling him he is on his own, lol! Don’t blame you for having a little Fage
    🙂 I SO miss my Fage!

  12. The radishes sound good. Wtg on week 1, Mike.hope you both get more energy
    soon! 🙂

  13. Hey there Beautiful! He did have a great week! His habits weren’t the worse
    but not the best either…lol. He is dosing at 125 IU and yes..he is
    sticking to under 500 calories and it is going fine so far! He will add a
    protein shake if he gets hungry and needs a bit more on really draining
    days but hasn’t had to yet : ) Muahh!

  14. My Mike had no family history of heart issues and with him young and the
    first…it is imperative that he control what he can…we are also working
    hard with my son who is only 11 (and high cholesterol) so hopefully he can
    avoid heart issues in his future. It is a VERY serious and scary thing…I
    so appreciated the prayers and I pray for you guys too that the health
    numbers mean so much. At the heart attack time Mike was 175 and the picture
    of health except for labs..I never saw it coming still

  15. Happy Release To You – too funny! Doing great – keep it up! My hubby is on
    day 3 and hanging in there – why is it so much harder for guys? And your
    losses are so much bigger than ours that it should be motivating.

  16. Yes! Do try! A cooked radish is completely different than raw…so much
    more like a potato and so low in calories… I just use whatever seasonings
    I am in the mood for : ) Wonderful plan.. Max wants a walk anyway..hehe…

  17. Finally got a chance to watch this Vlog! You are doing great! Looking
    forward to following your journey and hoping you have continued success!!

  18. I use the SF French vanilla coffee mate too! I can’t do without that in my
    coffee! Doing good Mike, way to go!! How about the rest of the family…no
    sugar doing good; I bet you all are losing too!

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