HCG Mind Body Method… Checking in from Life!

Just touching base…catching up with everyone! Sorry I have been a little MIA… Great productive visit with Connie and her kids. Wonderful things to come! …

25 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method… Checking in from Life!

  1. Second!!! We love you. Wowza that’s a load of things happening & you are
    still smiling. Yayyyy. Connie is so lucky to have you. Yayyyyy. Hugs
    beautiful & thanks for checking in. 🙂 

  2. That sounds so scary to bloat like that all of the sudden Donna. I’m so
    worried about you. 

  3. I wish you could see my happy smiling face when I see that there is a vlog
    from you in my que!!! Made my evening! How wonderful a friend are you?!!!
    To bless Connie like that and show her around and advise her on the
    area…so kind of you and how awesome that the two of you can be so close!!
    I’m jealous!!! Praying that you will figure all the health issues out my
    dear..and soon..so you can feel better and get the swelling down. That has
    got to feel awful? :(…Love you gorgeous!!

  4. I know the friend you are and I know the woman you are, but amazed still
    that you are able to speak so calmly about the things life continue to
    throw at you. I’ve wanted to have skype time with you but allowed you and
    Connie to have your time as I knew you would be busy, but you know I would
    drop anything for you when you need me! I’m always a phone call away! Love
    you dearly and always have you covered in my prayers! Xoxo

  5. Oh Donna, I am so sorry that you are having so many health issues……
    Stay off the scale!! So glad to see you vlog! I know you eat very good.
    You are a great example of how to do hcg correctly. You are a inspiration
    to us all!! We love you!! Prayers will be said for you!!! Hugs!!

  6. aww you got some stuff going on..poor girl, hope the Dr’s get it all
    figured out..so nice to see an update from you. 

  7. Its so good to see you miss Donna. I don’t know who’s hands you will be in
    but you are such a sweetie you are always in Gods hands hun. I just hope
    you get better. I hate that you get better soon and the doctors can find
    what’s up with you. Hugs miss… Kathy

  8. loving you new hair style, wow the mystery of your weight fluctuations is
    crazy, please keep us apprised of this.

  9. Just catching how vlogs and so happy u were on my queu!! Hope u feel better
    soon and I know u guys had a great time!!! Miss ya and hope everything
    works itself out!!!xo

  10. Love you Donna!!!! Yup, I’m behind in vlogs too. I’ll be praying and
    sending positive wellness wishes your way! Thank you for checking in and so
    happy for Connie. Hugs and more love to you gorgeous!

  11. oh dear I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

    sending +++ thoughts!

  12. Hi darling Donna. I’m so very sorry to hear about all your struggles. You
    are in my thoughts & prayers. That was so nice of you to help Connie. You
    are such a wonderful friend & a true blessing to all of us. Lots of love,
    prayers, support & hugs to you! – Jen

  13. Thanks for sharing your journey. So sorry it’s rough right now. Hoping the
    docs figure this out asap.

  14. Hi there sweetie…Totally missed ya. I know who hands you are in..(Jesus
    hands) He loves you so dearly. You are indeed enduring so much with a smile
    that is a miracle itself. I will kept you in my prayers as well. Jesus took
    the pain and stripes on his body so that we could be healed and made whole.
    Father we draw on that promise in Jesus name. For you said where there are
    two agreeing in the earth, you will bring it to pass. In Jesus name .Amen
    Great news about Mrs. Connie hoping all the best for her move. Smiles.
    Sending Luv your way. Joyful

  15. You look FANTASTIC! So sorry to hear about your medical struggles. I hope
    you fall in to the right hands and get it under control. So great to see

  16. Beautiful soul, I think you are due for your monthly check-in. Hehe. Miss
    your gorgeous face. I just wanted to drop by to say that you are so amazing
    in your constant support of all of us. You give your time, energy, & effort
    in cheering us on . . . Thank you. You are the best. Hugs. 

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