HCG Mind Body Method checking in from Life Maint Sorry so tired, puffy and sore looking but I am!

Checking in from life! Mike and I are doing great….enjoying the season and all of the reason : ) Glad to see everyone made it through the Thanksgiving Holi…

25 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method checking in from Life Maint Sorry so tired, puffy and sore looking but I am!

  1. So good to see you beautiful!! You look fantastic as always!! So, to pick
    your brain…what kind of protein powder do you use (brand specific) for
    her breads? I tried one recipe and it totally flopped but it was probably
    me! I’m so thrilled that you WILL have many more years of health to give to
    your family and loved ones!! And for THEM to give back to you! Would love
    links to the recipes that are your favs!! I have one of her books. So I’m
    assuming you are doing LCHF? Do you try to keep the carbs in a certain
    range or do you track numbers? Your decorations for the school sound
    amazing!! Pumpkin cheesecake recipe please?!!! Love you to pieces lady!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. THERE YOU ARE!!!! SOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU =D I love when you share your
    food with us and teach us how and what to eat……I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE
    YOU BEAUTIMUS LADY 😀 Oh, DO SHARE Recipes with us :-D

  3. Wonderful catching up my dear! You are so good with your new life choices;
    I’m so proud of you!! Text me to skype when you can; you know I’m around
    most afternoons! Love you!!

  4. Good to see you. Your hair has gotten so long. You look great! I think I
    told you that my hubby and I were going to do a short round. Well we did
    it in Nov and he dropped 21 lbs in 23 days and I dropped 17.2 lbs. P3 has
    been going pretty well. I have had to do a few steak days or yogurt days
    to stay within my window but the hubby has done extremely well. He has
    even been a couple lbs below his ldw on a few days. He has really only had
    to do one steak day but he tends to help me on my correction days and eat
    what I eat so it makes it easier for me. He is loving the way he feels now
    (he says he feels 10 years younger) and says he is willing to do whatever
    it takes to keep the weight off. I am so proud of him. He now sees the
    struggles I have been having over the past few years in a whole new light.
    It is nice to be in this together. I am planning on doing another round to
    try to get back to my lowest weight using hcg (another 15 more lbs)
    probably in January. I am enjoying preparing healthy food for us and we
    plan to make this our lifestyle from here on out.

  5. I didn’t know you were from Florida! I’m from Florida too 🙂 you are such
    an inspiration!! Enjoy your holiday season 🙂 

  6. I for one would love it if you shared recipes with us! Please do tell us
    about this Maria is she on YouTube? Thanks so much for sharing….I plan on
    doing another round after the holidays and would love some more info…..I
    think you look great!:-)

  7. You are an amazing lady and so blessed I can call you friend!! Glad you did
    an update!! I can only hope that I can transition my home life to only cook
    healthy things for my family like you have.
    Love ya!!! Talk to ya soon!! xoxoxoxox

  8. Glad to hear you are doing so well. I hate tripping over stuff hope you
    feel better and heal very soon. You gave me a good idea to take a cooking
    class and I know where to go now when I hit p4, thanks for sharing girly
    and again, so happy that you and your hubby are doing so well. XOXO :)

  9. Yeay it’s you, the loveliest lady of them all! Always a pleasure to watch
    your vlogs. I’m so glad you’ve continued to stay active in the community.
    You are such an asset and well loved. 🙂 …You’re pantry sounds lusciously
    loaded! You’ve inspired me to get to baking. Never been much of a baker but
    I’ll give it a go this season… You look great lady. I’m sending you lots
    of prayers and hope your medical issues resolve soon. Peace &L ove to you

  10. You look so tan and gorgeous! 80 degrees sounds heavenly. We are freezing
    in TX right now. 🙂 Thank you for continually showing me that you can still
    eat desserts, bread, etc., by just switching up ingredients. I need to get
    back to that. Inspiring as always, Donna! Love you much!

  11. So glad to see you love your hair it has gotten long! The weather sounds
    great there! What is the name of the person you get all your great recipes
    from? That would be great if you vlog a recipe! Hope you don’t fall
    anymore. HUGS!!!!

  12. I will be praying for u . Keep those ologist away….lol. sorry been mia.
    Just needed time for just me. Life is getting back to normal. Love ya girl.

  13. I LOVE Maria as well. I am doing her Keto-Adapted plan as well!! She is
    just amazing at sharing and wanting to help people! Good to see you!!!!
    MISS YOU!!!

  14. I’m reading Keto-Adapted too and am applying a lot of what I’m learning to
    my daily lifestyle. Great stuff! 

  15. Well before I watched it all I was going to say ou are looking really good,
    but I think I still have to say that cause that is what I think

  16. Those recipes sounds amazing!! i really enjoy how this diet is making me
    eat clean and cant wait to be done w P2 to try what you are talking about.
    So sorry about your head 🙁 i hope everything is ok!

  17. Hello Ms. Donna! Glad to see you. Yes, I would love to see you vlog a
    recipe. Glad you didn’t break something with that fall….glad you’re ok
    and you look great. Text or call sometime…..I would love love love that.

  18. I loved your “14 minutes of nothing”! You are such a beautiful person
    inside and out… And a true example of what living real life while
    maintaining looks like. You have tests and trials but have really overcome!
    I would love to see cooking vlogs! I’m really aspiring to have a pantry
    like yours when this is all said and done!! (((HUGS)))

  19. Ouch, bless your heart, Donna. I gain about 2-3 lbs of fluid when I’m off
    the fluid pills. My eyes usually show the fluid retention first, then
    hands. Any recipes you want to post when you have time and if you feel
    like it, please do! First and foremost take care of Donna!

  20. Now this is where I desire to be life maintenance… I can’t believe you
    loss 127lbs this is a wonderful accomplishment. So inspirational…I often
    wonder where I would be if I had continued the journey and not stopped.
    Well, I going to the end this time so I will continue to get motivation
    from you guys. Sorry about your fall…ouch! So great to know that you are
    continually learning about yourself and healing from the inside out. Thanks
    for sharing smiles

  21. Beautiful friend. Good to see you. Such an inspiration as always. Hope all
    is well with health girlie. xoxo

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