HCG Mind Body Method Almost 1 yr out from LIW.. addressing some questions asked.. Long one!

Just answering some questions from Mightymouse Lisa and rambling about general things I do to maintain. I guess a little bit of “Spring HCG Tag” Little famil…

24 thoughts on “HCG Mind Body Method Almost 1 yr out from LIW.. addressing some questions asked.. Long one!

  1. Your jouirney has been amazing. You are an inspiration to us all:)

  2. Well thank you my dear friend! It was long! I could sit and chat with a lot
    of my friends for hours : ) Love you sweetheart… you are my inspiration
    as well.. you have beauty that runs deep from the inside to the out! I am
    so proud of you!!

  3. Great vlog..I so agree about body image and keeping some of the abnormal
    fat, I’m so used to my curvy body and sometimes now when I look at myself
    in the mirror I appear so thin…I think preparing our own food most of the
    time is definitely key.Thanks for the update very encouraging.

  4. Donna…you look gorgeous! You’re always glowing…so pretty! You are such
    a good example of being a success on this protocol. What an inspirationyou
    are! Love all you advice…or just info on what works for you. I believe
    most of what you shared is what we all need to do…or at least incorperate
    into our lives as well. Great idea about portions/snack bags and
    basket…awesome! Glad you and all in your family are doing well…or on
    the rode to recovery 🙂 Love you!!! ((HUGS)) Laurie

  5. So happy to see your beautiful face! Thanks so much for the update, so
    happy to hear that things are going well. ps – I LOVE Scandal, too!!

  6. Wonderful advice and you are quite the inspiration. We all love you

  7. Donna I so align myself with you. Same weight starting out, my first goal
    is 170. I can’t even imagine 140. I’ve had life threatening illness that I
    conquered. I’m so determined to do this I can’t even comprehend failure.
    I’m not doing this for vanity I’m doing it to stay alive. My 60 yr old
    sister died, it was. a wake up call. Do something or possible die early. So
    thank you from the bottom of my heart you show me I can do this. Hugs and

  8. Kindred spirits in so many ways : ) Health purposes first and foremost are
    key! Of course I wanted to look better… be more confident… regain some
    of my life that was lost inside but big thing was always health over
    vanity. Now if I were 20? Maybe a different story..lol. I am 46 and love
    and embrace everything about me : ) and you : ) Lots of early passings in
    my family too. I so selfishly want to stay in this life as long as I can! :
    ) Muahh!!

  9. Hi pretty lady! Thank you for doing this vlog.. Talk about inspiring, wow!
    Hope you are having a beautiful weekend 🙂

  10. So glad you did this vlog. I have keep missing you on skype and this is
    what i was wanting to ask you all about! I have learned a lot from you over
    the past 9 months and you continue to give us so much in every way.
    Support, love and questions answered, just being you is so important to all
    of us. I will try to be mindful as much as i can. Thanks again. YOU ROCK
    SISTA. A

  11. Just LOVE you, beautiful Lady!!! Always a joy to see you smiling face and
    hear your sage advice!! You always bless me!! 🙂

  12. Great to see you! Love your hair styles and color. Love seeing the puppy. 5
    dogs, you’ve got your hands full! Your weight loss journey is so inspiring.
    You are a wealth of information for us all. Thanks so much!

  13. I’m so glad to see your pretty face! you look great! such a wonderful vlog
    and thanks for answering those questions! i’m so glad your husband is doing
    better too! you are always so positive and you inspire me!

  14. Thank you so much for subscribing. I’m watching your videos and you are a
    major inspiration. I hope I can follow in your footsteps and get healthy
    and change my lifestyle to keep it that way!!

  15. I may have commented on this vlog already but it’s my second time watching
    it while setting up breakfast at work so I’ll just thank you again for
    getting me through it this morning. 🙂 oxox I love your hair too.

  16. hey Donna great vlog! I have been asked to answer these questions too so
    thought I should see what others had said. You said a lot the way I think.
    Mindful is one of them. Thank so much for contributing. You are very
    inspiring and the length of the vlog was warranted because it is important
    information. I hope your family with health issue get stronger everyday!!

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