HCG Loading Days 1-2 & VLCD Day 1

This is the start of my HCG journey, I will be documenting my success. This video will give you the rundown of my loading days and first VLCD day (phase 2). …

7 thoughts on “HCG Loading Days 1-2 & VLCD Day 1

  1. Good luck on your journey. I went to the web link you have. I have my
    issues with what they’re talking about but if it works for you and you see
    results I guess that’s all that matters. Know that real hcg is fairly cheap
    as well as supplies. You can get the same hcg we use for injections and
    follow mamaclok’s mixing instructions for sublingual (under the tongue – no
    injections). Keep us posted and have happy releases.

  2. @hCg4ME Thanks! Best of luck on your journey once you start. I am using the
    homeopathic version because I actually ordered it before I finished my
    research and started to hear about the real hcg. I’ve been watching
    mamaclok too and i’m thinking about ordering some of the real stuff for my
    2nd round after the 23 days. I will say that i’m following the original
    protocol though, i’m not incorporating the shakes and other things they
    have on their website. So we’ll see how it goes!

  3. i just wanna know one thing,i,m trying to try the hcg,but i dont understand
    the loading days,please explain to me.so with the loading days i just eat
    fatty foods and not use the hcg right??so on the 3rd day i start my low
    calorie diet.so on the 3rd day how do i start it?

  4. so on the 3rd day do you use the drop 30min before breakfast? or you just
    use it at lunch and dinner??

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