HCG Loading Day 1

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15 thoughts on “HCG Loading Day 1

  1. I think i’m using Zykog or something like that. The second day I didn’t
    seem to have that problem as much lol. But now that I’m on VLCD I sure
    would love to eat again!!!

  2. My dr said to do the loading days before the injections but i though in
    pounds and inches that it sounded like with the first injections.. i dont
    know if that hurt me 🙁 and wont lose as much

  3. Woa! Yes we ALWAYS load with the injections, and you are right that is what
    Dr. Simeons said- that’s the whole point- otherwise may as well not load at
    all it seems.

  4. ok, i need this! ive been researching a lot, and honestly i just dont trust
    anyone but your chanel seems most honest. I want to start ASAP where do i
    even start?? would you please email me when you get a chance?

  5. Hey Pamela- if you go to my blog hcgchica dot com that is the best place to
    start researching the diet- I hope that helps!

  6. Hi HCG Chica ! Am fan of your channel Am on my second round, and its my
    third day of loading, I gained at least 12 pounds. I was 128 and now I am
    140. Is it normal ? Am really scared to gum up my last round…

  7. wow girl! Is there a reason you are loading 3 days? whatever the case about
    the 12 lbs, it’s there now isn’t it, so just start vlcd and head on down
    the road. I load clean and only for 2 days in general- to me if you gain 8
    lbs in 2 days loading, that’s plenty of weight and no need for a 3rd day
    probably. Hopefully the majority of it is just water weight and will come
    off fast, but with loading weights this high, I have seen it take awhile-
    not to discourage you but possible reality.

  8. hi.. i am doing hcg drops , i heard u said something about not swallow.? i
    put it under my tongue and swallow it , am i doing it wrong ?? 

  9. Im rewatching all of your videos for inspiration. Im doing hog again after
    a year and a half and I’m on the first week of VLCD and i forgot that it
    can be tough. 

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