HCG Life Maint and continued blessings from dear friends

Just checking in for my after from this morning… Oh love it when a hair dresser friend of yours offers and requests for you to showcase her work! She did a…

23 thoughts on “HCG Life Maint and continued blessings from dear friends

  1. I love it!!!!! I love a razor cut. It’s definatley you and it makes you
    look a lot younger.

  2. As you already know I love it! You’re a hot tamale! Looking young and hot!
    Only in FL would someone say “I was wearing my sweatshirt, jeans and FLOP
    FLOPS”! LOL FYI… the morning vlog never appeared in my email or list!
    Love you my gorgeous, friend! Mean it! Missi

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! That is how I would LOVE my hair to look. I
    may try to get some hair color at the store and try to color and
    highlight.I swore I would never highlight my own hair again (It wasn’t
    pretty the last time I tried) but, the gray is just getting to me. one
    breath I want to let it go and then I look in the mirror and it’s scary!
    haha I have the same colors as you, I’m naturally a brunette, but I really
    lighten in the sun VS&BBW who knew? I didn’t Luv you xxoo

  4. Wow! Vavavoom! Love the colors she blended together. Very beautiful with
    your complexion. And, the cut is fantastic, too. It frames your beautiful
    face. She is very talented.

  5. Wow…I love your new hair! You look beautiful! But then again…you always
    do!! Love ya!

  6. wow your hair looks great!!! really shapes your face nice. love going out
    after you get pampered like that. makes you feel good 🙂 you strut where
    ever you go now 🙂 love ya

  7. LOVE it! Looking forward to getting my hair done as a “reward” after my
    first round. 🙂 Wish I could rock a short look, like that. Hugs!

  8. I am still catching up on vlogs…BTW your hair is AMAZING! Love how young
    you look with it. I think short hair can really youthify (lol). Lynnkeri

  9. Oh I LOVE your hair… the style is super cute and the multicolor
    highlights are gorgeous!! I’ve always wanted my hair colored this way but
    can’t ever get anyone to do it or they don’t seem to understand what I want
    when I explain it. Super cute!

  10. Wow I love this color on you it looks amazing on you…she is a keeper.
    Yeah go show that Off! lol

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