24 thoughts on “HCG KIT AND QUESTIONS??

  1. Hey!, I see you got your injection kit. I started on HCG Feb 25th and so
    far I’ve lost 13 pounds on the drops. I am gonna do the pure HCG
    sublingual, almost done with the 3 weeks. The first thing I do b4 my feet
    hit the floor is pray……so pray on!!!! lol nite

  2. I try to pray too.. I forget a lot.. but I absolutely agree… prayer works
    🙂 Love to see you smiling!

  3. I am terrified of needles and you really can’t feel them. A couple times I
    felt the slightest pinch, but less painful than pinching the skin to
    prepare for the shot. It is really not bad. The big shots are for mixing
    and the small for injections. The mix ratio is one to one as far as I know.
    We mixed 5000 of hcg with 5 ml water.

  4. So happy for you. Looking forward to your results. You inspire me. Please
    let me know where you ordered the kit for the injections. I would love to
    try them.

  5. Girl, you’re prepared for sure. You got this. I start in the beginning of
    April so let me know when you start! Hugs to ya!

  6. You have plenty of bac water my dear : ) Cant beat prayer and exer to get
    the blood flowing in the right way! lol..needle is NO BIG DEAL..lol. So
    happy to see your excited!! You’ve got this girlie!! Yes..those are mixing
    syringes(the big ones) The little ones are injecting..size of the gauge is
    the size of the needle..bigger the numb the smaller the needle..lol You are
    set! You have enough for 80 days at 125 IU … less days if you need more
    IU but doubt you do : ) Love you bunches!

  7. Yay, welcome to the land of injections! I switched from homoepathic drops
    to injections and I loved it! The first couple of days I always had this
    gnawing feeling that I was forgetting something, then I would think of the
    drops and realize that I didn’t need to take my little brown bottle with me
    everywhere. Prayer works honey! Love it! Enjoy your P3 love! You’ll be back
    to losing in no time! MuAhZ!

  8. So glad you are feeling better about everything. An attitude of gratitude
    is what you need. Good luck on your last week chick. A

  9. I have 5 vials to and did a short round (23 days) and only used 2 vials so
    you have enough for a full long round. You can keep using the bac water
    until it’s gone. You have enough! Good attitude…move on girl!!

  10. NICE!! I bet you cant wait for you P1, heheh! best ever the loading days!!!
    hehehe, Needles, scary….and Exciting, at the same time! Kinda like
    getting acupuncture. 🙂 cant wait to see you shrink! Oh! By the Way I just
    started an HCG food channel! So if you know of any yummy dishes let me know
    Id love to share on my channel, also Im editing vids like crazy, so soon
    there will be a bunch of cooking tutorials on my channel, check it out, let
    me know what you think! Good luck! Happy Weight loss!

  11. Thanks hun and I have already checked out your channel I even made the
    talapia with melba toast it was really good!!

  12. I dang Im glad! I was hoping it would be helpful for someone! anyone, lol,
    I did HCG 2 years ago, and there was no cooking channel, so i thought id
    jump in 🙂 so so so SO glad it is being used, hehehe 🙂

  13. I have the stuff to switch to Rx, but I’m too chicken of needles yet. Let
    us know how you do with them

  14. I love your cute little happy self! Injections are a piece of cake. No

  15. And What type of hcg drops do you recommend Im desperate after my
    hysterectomy i gained 70 pounds

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