HCG- Introduction

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14 thoughts on “HCG- Introduction

  1. Welcome — You will find tons of great people on here to support you– the
    hCG family is awesome. Beautiful baby, so sweet.

  2. Thank you! I have been so amazed at the wonderful experiences people have
    had with hcg that I’ve seen on youtube so far. What a great network!

  3. I am just now finding you after seeing HebbieDobby mention you on her
    latest vlog. I am on homeopathic HCG and have been since 9/8/10. I am
    hypothyroid and take levothyroxine 50 mg (was taking 25mg but increased
    it). I have had great success on this diet. I have lost 38 lbs now and am
    on my 3rd round, phase 2, day 18 and still losing weight. I lose on the
    average .8 lbs per day which is good. Only have about 6 more lbs to reach
    my goal (which I may change now that I am doing so good).

  4. Hi there! Thanks for sharing. 38 lbs is awesome! I am on a different
    thyroid medication called cytomel- it’s t3 which is active thyroid hormone.
    How do you feel on your levothyroxine? THat’s t4 a storage hormone that
    your body converts to t3 in your body to be used by your thyroid. Many have
    found they feel a lot better on active thyroid vs. the storage hormone.

  5. Hey there! I’ve been watching some of your newest vlogs and decided to go
    back to the beginning to see how it all started for you. You’ve got a ton
    of great info on here, so thank you! I’ll be starting the injections in the
    next week or two depending on my cycle. Like you, I have Hashimoto’s (going
    on 20 years) and take Armour (desicated) now. Are you GF? I love that I see
    so many GF recipes from you! Anyway, HI, great job, thanks, and give me a
    shout anytime!

  6. Hey! Yes I have been gluten free for over 2 years now! In fact, my
    gluten-free period started with the beginning of the hCG diet in fact. It
    definitely made a difference for me. I subbed you now and hope to see you
    vlog girl!

  7. yeah that was back when I first started and was very nervous about
    vlogging! :)-

  8. And look at you now such a Pilar in the HCG community and so very
    informative i have not read everything yet to much info will just
    overwhelmed me but when i need to know something i find you and go from
    there Ty so very much sweetie your hard work and Inspiration is very much
    appreciated stay Blessed hugs Nat 🙂

  9. Im still releasing and at a very rapid rate I’m thankful to God for helping
    me stay focus and I’m no longer scared that I’m going to fail pizza was in
    the house yesterday and i told the kids stay away from me my son got a free
    small one for doing well at school it looked good but didnt want any the
    power of the mind and commitment is very enlightening Amen! I continue in
    Faith Ty again and all those who share xx

  10. Hi HCGChica! Im very glad that I came across your videos. I really want to
    do the HCG diet but have been taking Levothyroxine 100 MG daily for about 8
    years and I was afraid it would not be safe to go on this diet because of
    my Hypothyroid and the interaction with my medication. But I see now that
    you have had success and its totally safe 🙂 I am thinking of trying the
    HCG drops and hoping to lose 10-13 pounds.

  11. Hey! Tons of people that are on the hCG diet are also on thyroid
    medication, if that helps. Just make sure you are getting real hCG. Excited
    fro you!

  12. Starting hcg protocal with my sister phase one age 50 med Hx weight 192
    most i have ever weighed in my life! Hcg inj corion 5000i.u. Med hx Gurd
    tk. previcid, no thyroid issues that i know of yet but, it does run in my
    family. cholesterol v high taking red rice yeast, Bp 102/70 norm
    hysterectomy partial at age 42. weight gain has gone up from 138 to 192
    since hysterectomy. will be watching all your videos for recipies ect.
    loving day one phase one. Lol 

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