HCG In Between Rounds

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19 thoughts on “HCG In Between Rounds

  1. It’s nice to take a break sometimes! Need a physical and mental break. I
    always forget that people might be watching what I am saying now in a few
    years. Take the break and see if you can correct a little. I was going to
    cycle and decided to make a this a long round so I wish now that I would
    have had a longer P3- I agree about losing in P3- takes so much effort just
    to stabilize!

  2. Yes honey hcg is wonderfull but very harsh diet….. you need a break.
    Anyway you are skinyyyyyyyyyyyyyy alreadyyyy girl!!! besos

  3. LOL. Thanks for the shout out. I don’t get channel comments in my email box
    either. You look so cute and happy today! I’m so glad you’re vlogging more
    on the thyroid stuff. That waiting time in P3 will fly by. You are so right
    about the correction info. I think Simeons even talks about the need to do
    it immediately. woohoo!! Muscles!! I can’t wait for more vlogs. ;-))))

  4. Good idea Chica on holding off on P2 for 5 weeks. Dig those guns girl! I
    noticed some muscle in my arms too and will definitely work on that when I
    start P3 on the 20th! Enjoy the rest of P3, working on the garden and hike!

  5. Great news… great update. Be completely healthy and have your mind
    dedicated.. awesome plans. XOXO… Donna

  6. Eating healthy is where we all should aim for anyway!! Wait and enjoy this
    time and then in 5 or 6 weeks you can go again! HUGS

  7. Thanks for the shout out!!! You are a sweetheart and one of my fav’s on
    youtube!! I think you listened to your heart & mind and made a great
    decision!! You will be fine… This has been a great lesson learned for
    you!! All will be good. You look happy & very satisfied, much better than
    the last vlog. Drink your water & make good food choices and it will all
    work out!!! Love & hugs to you!!!

  8. You’ve got your head on straight. Good for you in taking a break. Looks and
    sounds like you need it. I hope you enjoy some p3. Come back when you’re
    ready. You look so very cute : ) Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. u have to have the profile channel comments sent to your email. :)) Tks for
    calling me out! :)) I just wanted to connect Steph & u. 🙂 Also, that is
    really interesting about the kale juicing and your thryoid. Geez. I cant
    wait to hear the next vlog. U can get back down. I believe in you! HUGS &

  10. Sticking out p3 and p4 sounds like a good idea. Sounds like your head is
    more in the game and you’ll rock you p3 re-start. 🙂

  11. Hon…glad to hear you are going to stay in P3. I truly believe this will
    be great for your success long term. Best of luck in the next 5 weeks…you
    sound like you have a good plan 🙂 Love you! Laurie

  12. It sounds like you are on the right track. Have fun on your garden project!
    🙂 PS: OH…those arm muscles!!! THAT IS MYYYYY GOAL. I noticed that in one
    of my vlogs, a few days ago…my arms were wiggling, almost slapped
    myself…how horrible, can’t wait to see the differnce. LOL

  13. @Lvoden Lol- I didn’t even realize my muscles were showing more until I was
    pumping gas one day and had nothing better to do but look at my arms lol.
    Yes I’m getting loads done on the garden so it’s good to take a break- I
    don’t have the energy to do anything like that when on hcg- so i’ll get it
    all done now so i’ll be ready to do nothing on next round. :)-

  14. @HHcgCraZy Thank you! I am feeling better- feeling more in control with
    eating which regardless of my weight is I think what is most important to
    me and what was scaring me the most.

  15. @nilihcg Thank you! Definitely feeling more in control which is the thing
    that matters most to me- scary to feel like you want gallons of ice-cream!

  16. @MsHcGGirl Oh thanks for telling me that- I always thought it was dumb that
    I had no way of knowing lol! I will definitely get back down on my next
    round but I dont’ know if my heart is in losing that many pounds off hcg-
    it’s a lot harder without the juice to lose- either way I’m am doing good
    things (just shoveled 1.5 cubic yards of soil into a newly made veggie bed
    yesterday!) so I’ll probably just try to get stronger going forward on my

  17. @wisconsindieter I don’t know how I could possibly be of anyone’s favorites
    but thanks! Yes it’s a good lesson- I think my body was out of balance at
    the end- I should have probably upped my thyroid meds at that time too or
    something- sometimes it’s hard to say what’s off but you just feel
    different. I’m feeling much better with eating now thankfully so I think my
    break will be okay now.

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