HCG – How to mix it, store and and use it.

How to mix hcg, how to use hcg on cycle, how to store hcg.

23 thoughts on “HCG – How to mix it, store and and use it.

  1. haha. iv just switched my cycle up, now running 1000mg test, 600mg deca and
    in a couple of weeks ill add dbol back in at 100mg per day. smashing 6000
    calories per day and hitting the gym harder than ever so i plan to pack on
    alot more size over this winter 🙂

  2. i cant say that iv measured mine or anyone elses ball bag im afraid buddy
    lol, so i couldnt tell you

  3. Hi there, firstly your videos are great and man you have grown big. My
    question is that I thought with a 5000iu you mix 5ml of bacteriostatic so
    then 1ml equals to 1000iu. I have seen many videos here on YouTube on how
    to mix and take hcg to your preferences. Can you explain in details as I am
    confused? Thanks mate

  4. hey bro can you give me reccomend any sites that sell clomid to the uk and
    are not a scam? struggling to find some online

  5. Lol at keep gains. U cant keep gains. If ur gonna jump on gear u might as
    well stay on it

  6. It doesn’t make you keep producing test, it just keeps your nuts alive.
    Think of it as a computer: not on cycle, it’s fully on and running programs
    etc. On cycle, it turns off completely… but if you use hcg, it goes into
    “sleep” mode, so it can’t actually run programs (produce test) but it’s
    still technically turned on & “alive”, just in a very low power state so
    that it can go back to normal much quicker & easier when you are done.
    Anyway I agree it’s better to run small amounts throughout.

  7. This is bad advice with regards to hcg mixing. The protein molecules are
    extremely fragile and can be destroyed by shaking the vial. You always
    inject the water against the glass on the inside of the vial containing the
    powder so it trickles to the powder with minimum disturbance and IF used on
    cycle as this guys correctly advises then you don’t need to use anywhere
    near 1000iu a week. 150iu every other day is considerably less and just as

  8. Dianabolman is a loser, he needs to get a life and stop talking out of his
    arse. This guy has not got a clue.

  9. Nice to see your knowledge growing a lot from your first vids Dianabolman.

    Just wanna say: Do not FREEZE your hcg. Freezing tends to destroy the
    proteins in your HCG/Bac mix. Good Luck.

  10. Also while breaking open the glass ampules be sure to use a filter needle
    when drawing up the sterile water. Very small glass chards do contaminate
    the water….filter needles run .25 cents so might as well play it safe :)

  11. just a quick Q? if I add 5ml of bac water to 5,000iu of hcg and I need to
    take 250iu twice a week am I right that is 25 on the needle? cheers

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