HCG Drops Pregnancy Test from www.everlastinghealthnow.com

We were about ready to start the HCG diet and had picked up our first bottle from www.everlastinghealthnow.com. We found that you can do a simple Pregnancy t…

10 thoughts on “HCG Drops Pregnancy Test from www.everlastinghealthnow.com

  1. its best to try for two days then test you urin to see if its trace amounts
    in you urine. but the best thing to do is to go to the doctor ( Dr. Sherri
    Emma)1732-903-6090and get the injections. ive seen drastic results. its the
    real deal. good luck.

  2. Realg HCG can only be prescribed by a doctor. Any dipshit that thinks that
    they are getting “homepathic HCG” deserves to get ripped off for being that

  3. i got the HCG diet from simple pure nutrition. have been on it for 5 days
    and nothing so i saw this and decided to test it and sure enough it came
    back negative!! a little pissed but i guess i should have know better than
    to get shit on line!!

  4. I ended up not using anything. My diet has been a very slow process. Lots
    of ups and downs. I think the bottom line is there is no quick way to loose

  5. Well I do the hcg diet and the only way to get real hcg is through
    injection. The drops do not contain true hcg. But the hcg injections work
    great you should try it

  6. Lol ur an idiot it specifically says it will not show up in a pregnancy
    test on the description of hcg!

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