HcG Diet~Round 6 VLCD#9 *P2 Yogurt Day (-2 POUNDS) RESULTS*

Decided to do an OFF PROTOCOL YOGURT (0%) DAY. Released -2 lbs for a weigh in of 150.3 lbs! My formula was: Breakfast: 3-16oz black coffee with Nestle Sugar …

25 thoughts on “HcG Diet~Round 6 VLCD#9 *P2 Yogurt Day (-2 POUNDS) RESULTS*

  1. Yippee!! I’m so happy your Fage day worked! =D Sounds like a yummy way to
    break a stall. The fat fast day was kind of painful/difficult for me
    hahaha, and I don’t know if I could do an apple day on days I’m working.
    This Fage yogurt day sounds interesting. Would you recommend having a
    little bit of Fage 0% as a protein replacement every once in a while on
    P2?? I really miss yogurt and someone told me to try the 0% on P2 but I’m
    not sure if it would be okay =/ Thanks!

  2. @seattlesuzie WE do NOT have a Costco YET here but trust me, when they do,
    I will be a member and buy that there! :)) Appreciate your support!♥

  3. @elegantjunk4u that made me laugh! U need to perk up now! U can do this and
    get psyched about the losses u have had already! :))

  4. I am so happy that the yogurt worked for you :). Praise the Lord! And i
    love your new shirt :), way to go girl!

  5. You are a lifesaver… I am definitely going to try this! Which one did you
    like better the Chobani or the Fage? And it has to be plain right? I’m so
    worried about waking up tomorrow and stalling again… and I have not even

  6. @Juju4God IF you try the yogurt day, make sure you stay under 500 calories,
    plain 0% yogurt and highest protein count (like the fage or chobani). Luv

  7. @justgranny45 thanks gurlfriend! I think there is something to this kind of
    correction day. I definitely responded well to it. Tk GOD! Thanks for the
    support & watchin!!♥luff ya back!

  8. @MsHcGGirl It would be great if you could vlog about the differences
    between your rounds. I find that VLCD rd1 was totally different than my rd
    2…ie: water retention in 1 not 2, hungry in 2 not 1, tired and wiped out
    in 1 not 2, muscles weekness in 1 not 2. Is this your experience? AND if
    you already vlogged about this, please let me know and I can try and find
    it. Happy releases!

  9. this video was full of humor…I luv it….especially at “getting things
    moving in the tmi department”…I’m gonna use that….and yayy!!for the
    2lbs release…I know you’re gonna be in the 40’s tomorrow….

  10. You’re doing great and I love that you share YOUR protocol with everyone,
    it really lets everyone know what could or might work for them too. How
    awesome, a med. shirt! 🙂 Glad I got to watch you today, I’m so behind!

  11. @VeryMelly101 I did CHOBANI but that is just as good too! lol Tks for
    watching, commenting & supporting! ♥ya

  12. So glad you had a nice loss on your Fage day!! Worked well for you!!! 140’s
    are knocking at your door!!! Gonna be a great round for you!!

  13. oh yes! on the probiotics I started using Swanson vitamins’ brand, I think
    it helps! 1 in am, 1 in pm.

  14. @MsHcGGirl Yes, I did throw away the fage 0% . However, after watching your
    vlog I went and bought some more…lol. We’re having a birthday celebration
    tomorrow and I used 1/2 cup of the fage 0% to make my own “ranch” dip to
    have with cucumber slices and also 1/2 cup to make a dip with toffee stevia
    for my apples. I’ll have that with my one wasa for lunch. It’s a total of
    271 cal, 45 carbs, 26 prot., and 0 fat. I’ll let you know how it

  15. Hi MsHcGGirl, Thank you for the information. I have not tried a nut day,
    can you send me the directions for the nut day. I love nuts! By the way, I
    tried the fage day and I lost 1lb, but gained it back the next day :(.

  16. So so awesome. I love your attitude and telling it like it is. And yes, you
    are ROCKIN’ that shirt, girl! Thanks for all the wonderful information!

  17. Oh I don’t vlog I’m trying to so busy decided I will just let my son help
    me awful with gadgets and I decided to go with what stephuniverse did the
    mini reload I’ll let you know the results and I’ll try again to vlog with
    sons help

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