HcG Diet~Round 6 VLCD#19 *STUPID* Gain!

Gained weight because I did something stupid. Yesterday, I injected 2x! Woke up to a +.4 lb GAIN for weigh in of 145.7lbs today. Also a couple of shoutouts!

25 thoughts on “HcG Diet~Round 6 VLCD#19 *STUPID* Gain!

  1. Wow! Thanks for being the Guiney Pig. I definitely will learn from YOUR
    experience and NOT ever try that myself. So sorry you were so hungry. BTW,
    your slushy recipe is the BEST!!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love that you inadvertently subject yourself to this for the rest of us.
    Because you got away with it, I ate a spoonful of plain yogurt today just
    to see what would happen- I also love that you talk about shopping about
    Goodwill as much as my friends and I do. Hey, I have a question I dosed
    last night while on TOM and again this am..not even thinking…I won’t be
    dosing anymore until TOM leaves but how big of a mistake is that you
    think-just trying to prepare myself for the scale.

  3. Oh…so sorry about the gain. That does stink…but now you know what
    happens…and you are helping others who do injections. Thank God it was
    only a .4 gain 🙂 Love you! Laurie

  4. What a busy day!!! You look like Fall! Love it! AWWW…You just mentioned
    me : ) Love you too girl!!! Thanks for all the support!! I am almost half
    way through this round and finally ready to GET IT STARTED! Doctors out of
    the way for now and I know I will have a gain tomorrow with the IV Steroids
    today but I am going to put that behind me real quick… I just hope and
    pray! I am ready to be below 190!!! Currently up 10 lbs from this morning
    and heading to bed! LOL…PEACE OUT! XOXO

  5. Girl, you have me crackin up! What were you thinking, giving yourself 2
    shots lol? It must be part of that brain fog we have on P2! You sound like
    me on ovulation! Hunger is a beast! In all seriousness though, I’m sorry
    you had a gain, that stinks but I am fully confident you will get it off
    plus some! Isn’t it weird how no 2 round are alike?! Crazy!! You are such a
    good mama! Making treats for your daughter that are so healthy. Luff your
    attitude and luff you gurl!!

  6. LOL at stupid gain. We all feel that way when it happens to us. But you
    have been rocking it and that .4 is nothhing. I know how it feels to miss
    the walking. I cracked the other day and walked a few miles * Shame on Me*
    I just needed to get that stuff out of my system. Don’t tell anyone i may
    go again tonight lol.

  7. That was interesting about the double injection–leave it to you to
    experiment–sorry you were hungry–now we know–sorry about the gain but it
    will be off in no time–yes you do have a great attitude–proud of you–the
    shirt is big–my heart goes out to precious Steph–love Donna–can’t wait
    to see your measurements–I’m sooooo behind on vlogs–Have a wonderful
    weekend–Blessings and Hugs

  8. @JessiHcg thanks for the constant support gurl! Wishing you the best round

  9. @MsTeribear Thanks Gurlfriend! I feed off yours and everyone elses! Thanks
    for well wishes! ♥ya

  10. @HCGChica YES! Insane huh?! But the first injection may not have been very
    potent since it was left out all 24 hours! lol TKs for the support!♥

  11. @myculpeperlife haha! Insane huh?! Why are U NOT vlogging?! I miss seeing
    your purty little face! Wish you were here cuz we wud go to GW together! I
    dont think injecting on TOM is a HUGE mistake cuz I have seen others do
    that and still have releases. U do what works for you. :)) HUGS! ♥ya

  12. @socalplum I went back but only found stuff for Ashley! lol They dont take
    returns. :(( I wrote you on MFP that I will send it to ya. :)) ♥ya

  13. @justgranny45 I was NOT THINKING! That’s the problem! See what injecting to
    much causes! DEMENTIA! lmao! Luff ya back! ♥

  14. @bunsia lmao at stock market comment! Luv my smoothies! Have one everyday
    on P2! U can look at Sams for a some blenders that are 1000 watt motors or
    higher. :)) TKS for support!♥

  15. @AshleyAnns1 I really miss my walking alot! I am so looking forward to this
    being over and me getting on with life maintenance! :)) LUV YA!

  16. @jesswonder1 yea…dont take too much! GOOD to know huh?! lol I love my
    melon scooper! My favorite kitchen gadget! TKS for the support gurl! ♥ya

  17. @JHoberer1 I dont remember. Maybe you should vlog about it and someone will
    give you an answer.

  18. It says in the protocol that too much of a dose can cause too little of a
    dose. But you go girl, you are doing so great! Thanks for all your vlogs.

  19. It says in the protocol that too much of a dose does the same as too little
    of a dose. But you go girl, you are doing so great! Thanks for all your

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