HCG DIET with Garcinia Cambogia Update day 1-2 ( Release -6.4 lbs in 2 day)

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10 thoughts on “HCG DIET with Garcinia Cambogia Update day 1-2 ( Release -6.4 lbs in 2 day)

  1. Fingers crossed for a good loss tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be great if your
    losses are even greater because of the Garcinia Cambogia?

  2. thank you sis, i would be really great and it also work for others as well

  3. I got my Carcinia Cambogia drops last night. I took them about 5 pm. Can’t
    tell yet if they make a difference in cravings/appetite. Question: The
    literature says that they give you energy…I REALLY need help at
    night…Do the pills give you energy AFTER you take them…or just improve
    your energy in general… Do you think they would work even if you are not
    eating when you take them? Any info would be helpful. Most of the info I
    could find was generic or from someone wanting to sell me some.

  4. as for me i do feel a little energy but nothing to keep me off. i have to
    make myself eat, at times i forget to eat my lunch or dinner and it still
    work for me. keep me posted

  5. i’ll take a 2+ pound release any given day!! that’s great… you doing
    good.. what is the name of the hcg app you are using on your phone?? i
    would like to try it

  6. thanks sis……its call hcg app theres a apple symbol with a blue square

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