HCG Diet VLCD Day 6 – Simeons’ Protocol

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10 thoughts on “HCG Diet VLCD Day 6 – Simeons’ Protocol

  1. Great first video, Muzzie!!! & thanks for all the shout outs for the
    HCGCoach dot com site…your the best muzzie!!! & good job giving the Glory
    to the Lord! HalleluYah! You are doing SO well on the Protocol and I am SO
    proud of you! meep! I love you VERY, your almost little Sheepra/Shalom/Kitty

  2. You are such a cutie-patutie! I can see Sheepra in you. Best luck on this
    protocol and for being a pioneer. I love your attitute. Many blessings to
    you for your continued strength and focus on your goals. My Best, Rosie

  3. Thank you, Rosie, for the good wishes. I’m still releasing weight–down to
    148 this morning. I am so blessed to have Sheepra as a daughter and as a
    coach! Love, Muzzie

  4. Hi ithing you are doing an excellent job and oh man I hope to look as you
    when I get your age. Lizzie

  5. You are so adorable! I can’t wait to meet you and Sweet Sheepra. The Lord’s
    will be done, in Jesus Name! Amen! Much Love and Blessings from Wisconsin!

  6. Thank you, msbuns, I was 76 in May–I have kept the weight off–now weigh
    136lbs. God bless you for your sweet posting.

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