HCG DIET: VLCD # 5,6 & a little bit of 7… Lots to tell an

In this vlog I catch Up on a few days, cause my clogs didn’t load to YT for some reason….but anyway. Still releasing steadily……lovin dr. Simeon’s.

3 thoughts on “HCG DIET: VLCD # 5,6 & a little bit of 7… Lots to tell an

  1. Pleae do not love “Dr” Simeons. He was a quack doctor! The article beloew
    explains how scientific research has concluded that his “work” on the HCG
    diet theory has no real science behind it, and the only reason people lose
    weight on that plan is the dangerously low calorie restrictions. You would
    lose exactly the same without HCG, but it’s dangerous to lose that fast,
    and they weight usually returns soon after people finish the diet.

  2. you are so funny! Love your enthusiasm! Very proud of you for staying on
    the straight and narrow about the bread shops! Good for you for finding the
    MSM & MCT products! Wishing you the best now. I downflagged your hater
    below and clicked spam! HUGS & LOVE!

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